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Electronic Commerce Coursework II Part 1 Michael Porter’s model 1.Product: The M – Commerce business and mobile application is a subset of electronic commerce. It is used on hand-held computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other similar devises. Our proposed application will have the following features:

  • A high quality design, friendly and attractive appearance and easy to use features.
  • A user-friendly feature allowing easy access to the menus and view of the services provided.
  • The site will offer a view of all the available services, with all information in legible text. All the images will be of high quality, clear and easy to view with a fast loading time.
  • Each page will offer all relevant information. It will have buttons allowing users to print out the information or share it with friends on social networks.
  • One touch communicating: There will be simple to use features. There will be the option to communicate with the client through one touch. Either by phone-call or getting the builder’s location through directions on a map; or even by email. One touch calling will help our potential customers to know about any service.
  • One touch sharing will provide customers the ability to share our app through the social media channels easily. If customers like the app, they might want to share it with their friends. So, we should give them the option to do it with one touch.
  • Push messaging: This will provide value to the customers, because it will send messages with special offers for app users and provide information about limited period discounts.
  • GPS coupons: These are coupons that reward customers for being regular visitors. They are discount coupons which are available to customers if they visit the store regularly for a set number of times.
  • Shopping cart: This is extremely necessary so that our customers can make their purchase right from their smartphones. This will make their shopping experience a rewarding one and our business in turn will see increased sales.

2.Price: The cost of the M-application for the customer is very low. The only things needed are an appropriate device and access to an internet network. The application will be available for downloading from the Builder’s webpage for free. Also, it would be available for downloading from i-store or play-store. Discounts will be offered for purchases made using the application. Thus the clients can save on their purchases, in addition to the saving resulting from not having to physically visit the builder’s premises. 3.Promotion: Advertising should use both above the line media and below the line sales promotion. Above the line media will include television, radio, print and outdoor advertising campaigns. Below the line will mainly include public relations methods, for example demos at busy places like malls. Online advertising will include web banners and popup ads in internet sites that our target groups visit, and also in social networks. 4.Place: The application will be available for downloading from the Builder’s webpage for free. It would also be able for downloading from i-store or play-store. It will be compatible for use in laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Each user should have to be registered and will be assigned a user name and password. Thus, he/she will be able to login from any device he/she likes. Part 2 Online video advertising strategy Contents:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Examples of video advertising services.
  3. Uses of video advertising.
  4. How to make customers advocates for the new site.
  5. Reviews of products and services.
  6. Support to customers features
  7. Promotion and selling through the application.
  8. Research and develop new ways of doing business.

1.Introduction An online video advertising strategy involves the set of actions and methods used to promote an M-commerce application. The following is the proposed strategy for the new application. It proposes the use of three online channels, social media, location based services and email. Examples of advertising services or banner features that can be used for the application are proposed. 2.Examples of video advertising services. Display ads are featured in various sizes in many different websites and can be in many forms of display ads such as static images, flash, video and expandable. Use video with advertisements. Advertisements with vivid colors, music and movement have better results in attracting the interest of the persons viewing a webpage or social media. The webpages and social media should be carefully selected for an efficient reach of the prospective target group clients. Make a walkthrough virtual shop replicating the services provided. This will help to familiarize prospective clients with the building works offered. Thus, it will be much easier when they finally decide to shop. Use videos to show how the mobile application can be used. A step by step approach of how the mobile application can be used with examples and animations. This will help in promoting the M-commerce application itself. 3.Uses of video advertising. Video advertising can be used in social media, location based services and email. Social media: Facebook and Twitter are used by most marketers and rightfully so. Facebook recently surpassed one billion total users worldwide, and Tweeter five hundred thousand. Both social networks are used by marketers as the main methods to reach consumers everywhere. Location based services: With these services it would be much easier to track the store near the client’s location, since those services include mobile tracking through the mobile’s gsm network. Email: Email marketing is another method of using the Internet to promote at a low cost, and in an effective way. The Internet has given mass communication a whole new perspective and possibilities. Those who aspire to make their business ventures a success story have got to make the most of this form of advertising. The promotion of the new application will have the following steps: Step 1: Create an attractive mailer that can be sent out to the target groups so that they can be informed about the application and its features. Step 2: Make a list of potential customers who would be interested in the application. This target group will be divided into subgroups. Special offers and discounts should be included for each group, to make the most of this advertising move. Step 3: Evaluate the response rates and feedback. 4.How to make customers advocates for the new site. Traditional promotion and marketing is no longer the only way to market to consumers. Business leaders today need to realize that customers who tell their story are a more credible and valuable way to reach even more customers. You can do the following: Show video of customers talking about the products they bought. Customers can be the best advocates of the products. You should have persons that prospective clients can be identified with. In other words they should see themselves in place of these persons in the videos. Identify and maintain relationships with your customers that can be used as brand advocates. You should find out not only who your prospective customers are, but also who already shares and promotes your services. Keep these advocates regularly engaged. Comment, reply, share, and email are all great tactics to keep advocates on board. Show publicly that you value their opinions. You must give the advocates rewards for their efforts with their own products or services. Create contests that are funny, entertaining, educational, or provide some sort of value to your customers. 5.Reviews of products and services. You should allow users to submit reviews to the web page for each product or service. Reviewers can rate the product on a rating scale from 1 to 5. The review may be anonymous. Clients may comment on the reviews, indicating whether or not they found the product or service helpful to them. 6.Support to customers features. You can use Live Chat to provide support to your clients. The majority of people browsing the web prefer to use Live Chat because of its immediate response. Waiting in telephone queues belongs to the past. The use of email response can also be used although the live chat is by far the most preferable method. Live Help will build customer trust and confidence in your products and services. 7.Promotion and selling through the application. You can use Video to increase the popularity of your campaign. Video can be a dynamic tool that attracts and keeps visitors. The following two uses will be used: A promotional video will be included that explains who the Contractors are and what they do. A tour that tells visitors what they can find on the website and a virtual tour that helps users see what are the services that can be provided. Videos demonstrating a product or service for example, how to install or built something, or show the construction works in action. Video can also be used to train clients on how to use the webpage. 8.Research and develop new ways of doing business. The internet technologies can also help the building companies in their R&D. As the main function of marketing is satisfying consumer’s needs, the identification of such needs is essential. Through its webpage and mobile application, the companies can identify such needs from their clients and application users. Then, they can get feedback on how these needs can be satisfied. Video advertising process diagram. References https://www.dummies.com https://en.wikipedia.org https://marketing.about.com https://info.cleriti.com https://www.buzzle.com https://www.dmnews.com https://mashable.com https://desktopvideo.about.com Page 1-cwII

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