Down Syndrome Association of Guam

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They offer a line of communication between educator, families, and individuals to resources available to assist those impacted by Down syndrome.

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“Down Syndrome Association of Guam”

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The CEDDARS websites lists information to the following local organizations:

Guam System for Assistive Technology (GSAT)

Guam System for Assistive Technology or GSAT is a federally funded program under the University of Guam CEDDERS authorized under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998. GSAT provides assistive technology-related services to children and adults with disabilities in Guam so that they can live productive, independent, and quality lives.

Guam Early Learning Council (Guam ELC)

The Guam Early Learning Council was created to provide a coordinated framework, involving all child-serving agencies and family representatives, to develop a comprehensive system of supports for young children and their families. First established through Executive Order 2004-14 by former Governor Felix P. Camacho, and then mandated legislatively through Public Law 31-62 in 2011, the Council’s composition, goals and objectives, and roles and responsibilities focus upon the efficient and effective delivery of services and support to young children, birth to eight (8), and their families.

Guam Early Hearing Detection & Intervention (Guam EHDI)

This website is designed to provide information for families and professionals about the Guam EHDI Project, including infant hearing screening and the importance of follow-up screening, evaluation, and the early intervention services.

  • Department of Public Health & Social Services (DPHSS)
  • Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities (DISID)
  • Guam Department of Education (DOE)

The Guam Department of Education is a single unified school district consisting of grades Kindergarten through 12. Our 27 elementary schools, eight middle schools, five high schools and an alternative school serve over 30,000 students.

Guam Department of Education (DOE), Division of Special Education

The Guam Department of Education, Division of Special Education is committed to supporting all exceptional children and youth lead rich, active lives by participating as full members of their school and community.

Guam Get Care Website

An online directory and care coordination tool connecting the people of Guam to long-term care services and resources. Guam GetCare offers a territory-wide service directory to help consumers and their families quickly and easily access services.

Guam Legal Services Disability Law Center

Guam Special Olympics

Special Olympics Guam (SOGU) is the major provider of sporting opportunities for people with a learning disability and provides equality of opportunity for all our athletes regardless of ability or degree of disability.

Guma Mami, Inc.

Guma Mami’s mission is to facilitate the full inclusion and integration of adults with developmental disabilities and adults with serious mental illnesses into their communities through individual and family supports.

The Guam Developmental Disabilities Council (Guam DDC)

The philosophy of the DD Council is deeply based in the belief that persons with developmental disabilities have capabilities, competencies, and personal needs and preferences in common with all citizens. All individuals should be able to exercise control and choice in making decision that affect their life.

Pripra Hao

Pripra hao is a Chamorro phrase that means prepare yourself?? or get ready. In addition to general emergency preparedness planning, individuals with disabilities have additional needs before, during, and after an emergency situation that have to be included in their personal plan to ensure safety and allow for speedy recovery back to normalcy. Individuals with disabilities who are self-sufficient in normal circumstances may need the help of others during an emergency situation. These needs include, but are not limited to, medical treatment and medication plans, use of and relocation of assistive devices in the event of evacuation, appropriate transportation plans, and care of service animals.

Root Cause & Effects

Many people with Down syndrome have grown to live independently, however this is not the case for Guam. In order for a person with Down syndrome to grow into an independent adult, the person must grow in a sufficiently stimulating environment as part of the growth process, and have access to proper medical care. In regards to environment many things play a roll in why people with Down syndrome on Guam are limited in being independent. Lack of proper stimulating environments in school prevent these younger and older individuals in elementary, middle and high school from optimizing on their abilities to learn. Culture also plays a large role in preventing them from being independent. Many families are unaware of the resources available to them, so they never enroll their special needs children in any programs that encourage autonomy in people with Down syndrome. From the looks of the demands of an individual with Down syndrome it can be very difficult for a person with Down syndrome to get proper medical care on Guam when the island lacks so many of these specialists.

Prevention Methods

*Finland or Sweden is trying to rid their country of Down syndrome by using early detection as a basis to abort a fetus with Down syndrome. This has been a highly controversial and offensive topic among the Down syndrome community. Although this is technically legal on Guam, and despite the early detection procedures being costly, there are currently no abortion doctors that are certified to perform the abortion on island.


In conclusion it is especially important for Guam to begin doing research on its own population to gather data that can contribute to improving national data about Down syndrome. This will include a needs assessment and comparison on the progress of programs in the United States to identify what may work here on island. It is equally as important to encourage medical professionals and specialists to be more available to assess and treat the needs of people of all age groups who are diagnosed with Down syndrome.

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