Causes of down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a condition that has to do with the chromosome 21. This genetic disorder affects about 1 to 800 live born babies or 1 to 1000. The reason that people can get this disorder is by having an extra copy of chromosome 21. Your genetics have to do with everything that you do and when one gets messed up it can be really hard for people to do things that other people can. So people with down syndrome have to do some things different then other people. Mostly depending on the severity of the genetic disorder because some people with down syndrome may have it really bad which can makes their life really hard. But some people with it may have it very mild and you cant even tell that they have down syndrome.

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“Causes of down Syndrome”

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The symptoms can vary depending on if the case if mild, moderate, or severe. Some people with this disorder can be super healthy and never had an issue with their health but other people with it can have serious health problems and they can have heart defects to. People with this disorder will commonly have distinct facial features. But there are a lot of different types of facial features that they can get because people think that all of the facial features are the same they are wrong. Some example of the facial features include flattened faces, small head, short neck, poor muscle tone, and many many more. In the facial features category there are 12 different kinds of facial feature that somebody can get with down syndrome. Some other symptoms are that when babies with down syndrome are born the same size as any ordinary baby they usually grow at a much slower rate than everybody else that are the same age as them.

How they find out the chances of your baby having down syndrome. Some way that they can tell you is screening tests. Screening test can show you the chance of your kid being born with down syndrome or if your kid is perfectly fine. But this test can’t tell you for sure if your child will have down syndrome but it can give you a heads up so you can expect for your kid to have it but it is a 50, 50 chance for your child to have it. But if you do a diagnostics test it will be able to tell you if your child will or will not have down syndrome. Which could help you get an early start on seeing if they have a treatment to help get rid of the disorder.

You cannot cure down syndrome but you can do stuff to make it better and less severe then it already was. People with down syndrome can highly use speech therapy that way they can talk to people more normally and can get a good job as they reach adulthood. Other things that can help them are exercises to help with motor skills and by taking special education classes and attention in school classes.

Most down syndrome is not inherited it is caused by a failure in the cell division. But translocation down syndrome is inherited by being passed from parent to their kids. But this rarely happens because only 3 to 4 percent of people with down syndrome had this type so only very few people get down syndrome inherited from one of their parents. But if the parents have balanced translocation down syndrome but they don’t have any sign of having down syndrome then they might have a chance of your child having down syndrome.

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