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The creation of Human clones represents another form of life having the modification such as DNA to make cells and tissue for making a clone. Using these testings can eventually lead to overpopulation and eventually cause over-usage of resources for people and introduces the physical and psychosocial harm to human beings of genetic identical or modified copies of a human to have similar functions and appearance. This kind of cloning reproduction deals with tissue and cells, The possibilities have slimmed down to complications having to do with ethical concerns that have provoked several nations to pass laws regarding human cloning and its legality due to the concerns of what can happen.

The common types of cloning are reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning is the process which A gene located and copied out of DNA extracted from an organism. Although human cloning has no record of being successful, cloning was demonstrated to be possible when scientist by the name of sir ian wilmut and the rest of his team successfully cloned dolly a sheep in the year 1996 and lived up to 10 years but animals are far more different than humans.

There hasn't been any rumors or facts about a human clone being successful because it comes with risks such as abnormalities that the clones embryo can have with cells and tissue which can turn out to be bad not only for the clone but for other living creatures and potentially lead to the domino effect, meaning other attributes of life could be changed or altered negatively as any result and if Genes are modified to be smarter than others and the average person will not have a place in society because of that. It comes down to the risk it takes to make a clone out of someone because anything can happen and if it doesn't workout the way it's supposed to then immediately you know it's not safe and worth investing money and equipment to test these procedures to make an embryo from scratch.

clones are not identified as twins compared to a human when they are born it is more of a nuclear transfer through DNA genetically modified from someone else and the cloning is taken place in a lab, Two main types of cloning are reproductive and therapeutic as mentioned earlier, but Reproductive cloning involves the creation of another life whereas therapeutic cloning has no implantation into the uterus to form a child. It is used more for medical use creating stem cells to Save lives and the medical possibilities for stem cells are immense but that doesn't mean that these clones will be 100% and functioning at its fullest potential like scientists do to animal cloning it's different and not only is that a dangerous but this isn't something that happens on a regular basis because then the cloning can not go the way scientists will want that can potentially start many issues.

The argument is that human reproductive cloning should not be carried out because human clones are also likely to exhibit inappropriate epigenetic reprogramming or abnormalities and Different versions of this epigenetic argument are analyzed, categorical version and a non-categorical. The non-categorical version is suggested to be more well-considered With regard to policy making on human reproductive cloning, the categorical version can be used to prescribe a permanent ban, while the non-categorical version can be used to prescribe a temporary ban. The factor to that is Animal cloning has raised concerns about human cloning on behalf of many organizations that have analyzed the situation expressed it's unacceptable and have called for a ban on such research due to the fact that it's not just something scientists are use to on a regular basis because humankind comes from a sperm cell and an egg that form the process of a embryo to a fetus, not knowing fully what's to be expected of a clone being created in the lab. The issue of human cloning may violate moral human rights and it is seen that every human has the right to their unique identity but this could easily be disputed with cloning sharing the same genome but have different lives and futures.

Cloning could also produce physiological distress and harm in the clone and may feel that their life is already laid out before them and have no choices. They will also face physiological problems and discrimination because of their identity and that would leave humans to new adaptations and conditions. As a person the effect it can have on somebody will lessen the worth of individuals and diminish respect for human life, Human life would be seen as replaceable if something happened to a person, like if they were killed another clone can simply replace them in fact and could never replace the one that is lost. Clones would be subject to discrimination based on the fact that they are a clone and did not arise because of sexual reproduction.

If human cloning was to be the norm it wouldn't be a good thing because the cells are taken from adult cells and implemented to the clone having gained a lot of years would mean it doesn't have a long life expectancy that would not be useful because the clone would live in the shadow of the genetic donor, always having to live up to the expectations of a person they were created from. As for many believe cloning is going against God's will because it'll be created by man. Man would be playing God and create people that are unable to feel and emphasize with no filter in between and also created without a soul.

It's to be believed that human cloning is a representation mocking humanity forming a new life created from a genetic donor with their own DNA creating cells and tissue for the clone but as far as that goes just like identical twins look exactly alike they don't have the same personality and enjoy different things. The same would be for a clone even if technology can do everything to be the same the clone would still be a different person no matter what.

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