Cloning Animals by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer

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The first common method of animal cloning is SCNT, but the high invasiveness of this method can lead to donor death. Later, Japan successfully cloned the mouse by extracting blood. This method has a low success rate but it has achieved great gains. The event that the cloned horse appeared on the racecourse was controversial. So whether cloning is favorable or not is a topic that people have been controversial.

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“Cloning Animals by Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer”

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The commonality of the two articles is the same animal cloning, and the small mouse cloned from blood is a very large development in cloning. The cloned mouse maintains its original fertility function, so the method of minimizing the damage and having a chance to maintain genetic inheritance is also very beneficial for animal cloning. If this technology is applied to the technology of cloned horses, then it can be said that horses of good bloodlines will not be scarce.

And they have a lot of differences. Mouse cloning is a very successful experiment. The study “”proves for the first time that mice can be cloned from the nucleus of peripheral blood cells. In addition, these cells can be cloned immediately after they are obtained, and the animals that donate do not need to be euthanized.”” Circulating blood cells are used in cloning techniques in order to make it easier to obtain a nuclear source for the cloning of scientifically valuable experimental mouse species. Previously, the Kobe Institute of Physics and Chemistry in Japan used white blood cells of lymph nodes, bone marrow, and liver as a source of nuclear resources, and successfully cloned 600 identical mice. It can be said that with the development of cloning technology, the cost of cloning species is getting smaller and smaller. The question that comes with it is how these cloned creatures should treat them. Just like a clone horse, why does the horse racing club prohibit the participation of clone horses? According to the current rules of international horse racing, any form of artificially assisted horses are not allowed to participate, including clone horses. About 70 countries in the world that hold horse racing have excellent horse species registers, which record in detail the types, names, kinships and even DNA of all thoroughbred horses. For Clone, it is not only not eligible to enter, but it is not eligible to register on the Good Horse Register. Those who disagreed with the cloned horses marching into the racecourse expressed concern: “”The clone horse will greatly dilute the concept of good breeds, greatly depreciate the existing horses and eventually destroy the entire horse racing industry. Horse racing is a sport, it exists. The foundation is an unpredictable result… Our industry players will try their best to resist the invasion of cloned horses. From this example, even the emergence of cloned horses has caused controversy and concern in the world, so if one day clones appear What kind of waves will the world pick up?

As can be seen from the information in these two articles, cloning technology is constantly developing, and the cost of this technology is getting smaller and smaller. The voice of controversy is getting bigger and bigger. So whether cloning is beneficial or not is what the world wants to explore together.

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