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The population in Texas is changing with the increasing number of Latinos from Mexico changing the demographic composition of the state. The state of Texas had been dominated by Whites who had an American culture and were deeply rooted in the South with the different methods and cultural differences redefining their cultural basis and models indicated. This has since changed as the culture has been developed to include the immigrants and a diversified population has changed the dynamics of the cultural precepts in the state.

The different demographic conditions are as a result of the big metropolitan areas that are spread across the state. San Antonio, Houston and Dallas are among the large metropolitan areas in Texas which have seen the transformation of the region to become one of the most diverse states in the country. The political implications of the increasing number of Latinos are the young electorate that is changing the political dynamics in the region. Politicians have to tackle issues affecting the Latino people since they are forming the bulk of the electorate in the region and creating a better and more potent model that is critically mapped within the set system. The political issues addressed have to highlight the issues affecting Latinos and immigrants in the region that is making it difficult for the political class.

The views by Julian Castro are sound since they highlight the need for the state government to create better structures towards giving the illegal immigrants a chance in the society. The immigrants are already working towards developing the state which is improving the economic conditions of Texas. The assertion by Dan Patrick that the immigrants are a burden to the state government is inaccurate since they contribute towards making the state better and improving the different facets of the economy (Marquez et al 361). The fact that the economy is widening and more Americans are getting jobs is testament to the fact that there are no Texans who are suffering as a result of the immigrants in the region. However, Dan Patrick has a point in highlighting the negative effects that the country may suffer with the continued numbers of immigrants in the region. As the number of immigrants increases, the number of Texans who will suffer as a result will only increasing. The numbers need to be controlled with ensuring that only legal immigrants get into the country and as such can be effectively accounted for at any time. Collection of taxes and allocation of funds to different projects can only be effectively modeled with the controlled model of change that is mapped under the present structures that have been formed (Szkupinski et al 1740). It is therefore, imperative to create a better approach that inculcates a working approach to the changes that have been identified in the systems accordingly.

One of the main negative aspects of illegal immigrants in the state and country at large is terrorism and crime in the country. Illegal immigrants cannot be accounted for in the system and getting their numbers is very difficult. The American people may suffer since the individuals may commit crime and yet there is no way of accounting for the number of criminals in the country (Marquez et al 354). The illegal immigrants also affect the programs and policies that are developed by the country towards developing better economic models. The American census helps the government in developing a framework that the company uses towards creating a better program of change within the set systems in the country. Illegal immigration therefore, affects the American people since there is no basis for ensuring that better models are mapped across the systems applied. On the flipside however, the immigrants help in developing the economic conditions of the state and the country at large. Illegal immigrants are active with the increasing number of immigrants contributing to increased labor. This is a major positive attribute that the systems contributes in the long-run as states and the country benefits from the influx of more workers in the country.

The current national and state debate on immigration policy that should be used in the country has elicited mixed reactions from the public. Although the current Republican government is adamant that deportation is the only way, the Democrats hold that amnesty should be given to the illegal immigrants (Meissnr et al 109). This is amid the fact that most of these people would have to be separated from their families and children in the event that this happens. Although amnesty and deportation have been the main solutions forwarded, there is a middle ground if the parties are willing to compromise on their positions. The government needs to give the illegal immigrants a grace period of a few years or months to ensure that the processes of immigration are effectively met within the country (Marquez et al 345). This would allow for the immigrants to develop the best basis and create an actionable process that would oversee proper immigration methods and allow for better structures to be developed.

In conclusion, the Texas government needs to develop a framework that secures the borders against illegal immigration while creating better programs for the illegal immigrants within the country. This matches the critical measures that are needed and aligns with the overall models of change needed within the country.

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