Identity Checking

Workplace safety is a very important aspect that every employee needs to uphold, especially in treating the people visiting the work premise. These people may pose a security problem or may not know the laid down procedure of accessing the premise. Using agreed ways of checking the identity of these people requesting information or access […]

Career Ideas for Business

Introduction It is now past three days since I conducted my first interview as part of the Intercultural communication and Global citizenship program and fortunately. I learned a lot the hard way about this daunting process. I was fortunate enough to get another chance to conduct a second interview, and I must say I have […]

Agreed Ways of Working in Relation to Healthcare Tasks

NURSING Legislation and laws are made to ensure that everyone is comfortable in the society and that they know the behaviors that are acceptable and those that are not. Laws are there to cover all aspects of our lives whereby they ensure that there is the protection of the health and the safety of all […]

Selection Criteria – STAR Aprroach

Proven ability to work collaboratively within a team environment As a chairman of the Young Farmers Club in my high school, it was my duty to organize club members for weekly meetings and various projects that were at hand. I used to chair a team of 50 members on every Wednesday meeting throughout my final […]

Culteral Event Impact Interview

Introduction Over the history, there have been various cultural revolutions that have impacted the lives of the people. Cultural Revolution entails a change that impacts the way people in culture lead their lives. Some people feel some cultural revolution played a critical role in their lives than others. In this regard, the following discussion is […]

Organizing, Researching, and Illustrating Your Material

Following the call for investigation over the Roanoke branch operations, I conducted a person visit of the branch and looked at the problems that are affect the branch. It is clear that the employees’ morale is down while the clients’ complaints are high. Furthermore, the sales of the branch are 5.9% lower from the first […]

On Democracy & the Division of Power

Aristotle felt that democracy was essentially an unsuccessful endeavor that did not represent the true nature of governance. Aristotle believed many people were unfit to rule, and that people with money and time to concentrate on the best interests of people and country were more fit (the rich). If rulers were poor, they wouldn’t have […]

What Is Descriptive Essay?

The purpose of a descriptive essay is to provide an accurate definition of an item, place, person or event, describe its characteristics. What makes it different from other genres of writing? One thing that differs this type of work from other academic papers is that it has a more creative nature and should be written in an artistic language rather than in scientific. The key to success in writing such paper is making it as detailed as possible – your goal is to engage all five senses of your readers (sound, smell, sight, taste, and touch) to create a bright and full image of some person, event or another object. The descriptive essay topics have to be narrow and focused on a single object.

Structure Of The Descriptive Essay

For high-school students, the standard structure will consist of five paragraphs, while students of higher academic levels usually have more freedom. In any case, the main parts that have to be included in this work are the same, only their length may vary:

  • Introduction – general discussion and a clear thesis statement;
  • Main part – contains a detailed depiction of the object’s features and characteristics and provides supporting arguments for the thesis statement, the main idea here is to make your points as full and detailed as possible;
  • Conclusion – this part reaffirms your thesis and summarizes the entire paper.

This is a standard format of such paper. It is important to structure your text well and keep the requirements of your teacher in mind in order to submit an A-worthy work!

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