Sexism in the United States

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We have seen the inequalities between women and men especially in recent years. We have been separated by the pay gap, pink tax, and the general idea that women are perceived as less capable, or weaker even than men. This idea of sexism has to start somewhere though. It starts at the very beginning of a child’s life. Young people are raised in such a way where they are taught different behaviors and different mannerisms based on their gender. Many of these differences include boys being taught that they’re allowed to do something and girls aren’t because of their gender and the idea that boys aren’t supposed to like pink just because they’re boys and girls can just because they’re girls, etc.

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“Sexism in the United States”

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These learned behaviors and mannerisms have manifested themselves throughout the lives of these people throughout the years which has affected their experiences and or encounters with this issue and gave people the views they have on it today. In the workforce, women have been paid less than men, for example, in 2017, the median annual salary was $42,000 and for men, the median annual salary was roughly $52,000 which is about an 80% wage gap. The pink tax is also a problem because female consumers have had to pay more on certain services and products. Research has shown that women pay almost 42% more than men a lot of the time. This has caused rage everywhere because women aren’t paid as much as men and have to pay more for other items.

Similar issues have occured in the past as well. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, sexism is a re-occuring theme throughout the book.The main character, Jean Louise Finch, better known as Scout, wears overalls, jeans, and muddy shoes. She doesn’t fit the societal norm for how women are expected to dress. Lee uses a bitter mood to emphasize the prejudices and struggles of that time from a young girl’s perspective. In conclusion, in order to grow together as a society, we must set aside our differences and recognize the strengths of others in order to change the world into a more accepting, efficient place for all.

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