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In the United States 4% of men and 7% of women are defined as vegetarians… Worldwide, vegetarians total 375 million (Figus et al.). There are many different types of vegetarians from those who do not eating anything that comes from an animal to those who just do not eat red meat. A highly common question asked is why choose the vegetarian diet? Everyone should be on the vegetarian diet because it is cruel to kill animals for food, humankind live longer on the diet, it is easier and more efficient to raise food for humans than animals, it is more environmentally friendly to not raise animals for meat, and it decreases chronical illness.

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Some people go on the vegetarian diet because they feel it is wrong to kill animals for food.

They believe that animals should be treated with more respect and that it is inhumane. That killing animals is not compassionate and is cruel. Scientists saw that animals were not only able to feel pain, but also capable of practical reasoning: they could learn and remember, and perceive connections between different phenomena (Sorabji). Animals can feel, learn and also remember just like humans can. Killing animals for food is not even necessary. There are many other thing to eat and get a full nutritionition diet. Vegetarians eat vegetables, grains, fruits, and legumes. Some vegetarians don’t eat any animal products such as milk and cheese they are called vegans.

Some humans would say that eating meat is not cruel, it is a natural part of the cycle of life. That everyone on earth dies or is killed at one point in life so others can live, It is not natural for humankind to kill. Children have been taught since they are little that it is not wrong to kill animals to eat; that is not natural. Humans are the only mammals that drink another animals milk. Nothing that humans drink and eat is a natural part of life.

Humankind live longer while on the diet. It has been scientifically proven that vegetarians live longer because they are more conscientious about their body getting a balance nutritious diet. Vegetarian need to be careful and have a well planned diet to get all the nutritions and vitamins that are need for the body to function. With vegetarians so focused on what they are putting in their bodies, they are getting a extremely healthy diet, which is helping them to live longer. Vegetarians live longer with having a well-planned, balanced diet with sufficient fruit and vegetables (Ding).

Some people say that the vegetarian diet does not affect how long someone lives. That the whole thing is just a myth, but scientist have proven that with the way vegetarians are eating, they are more aware of what the put in their bodies and choose to only put healthy foods in.

Although animal protein has high amounts of iron, protein and other minerals it also has high amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats that cause heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Also eating too much meat causes cancer such as colon cancer and stomach cancer.

The vegetarian diet decreases chronical illness. Risk of death from cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, infections, kidney disease, liver disease or lung disease all increased with the amount of meat consumed, and those people with the highest meat intake doubled their chances of dying from chronic liver disease. On the vegetarian diet humankind get the right amount of nutrients for the body. Those who eat a vegetarian diet have a lower risk for chronic diseases, which ultimately translates into longer, healthier living(Reeves).

One issue people have with the vegetarian diet is that their is not enough source of protein. That the diet does not give enough protein to function. However there are many ways to get protein, such as cheese, beans, tofu, mushrooms, and jackfruit. While being a vegetarian you need to carefully plan what you eat to get a fully balanced diet with all the nutrients and vitamins needed.

Forty percent of grain in the world is used for feeding animals. Just in the united states 800 million people could be fed by the grain fed to animals each year. Beef take 100,000 milliliters per kilogram. In contrast potatoes take 500 milligrams of water per kilogram( ). Humans can see the huge inefficient loss of water due due to the use of crops for feeding animals.

Overgrazing is a huge problem which causes loss of soil due to erosion by both water and wind erosion. When hiking humans can see the degradation of the land due to overgrazing. They can also see the degradation of the streams and creeks due to cows destroying the riparian environment by eating the willows and plants near the water.

The use of fossil fuels are the highest per kilogram per liter in beef production. Our fossil fuels would be better used in the production of plastics and other things that only can be created by crude oil. Also the raising and consuming of meat is a huge contribution to greenhouse gases. The amazon forest is being cut down to raise crops to feed to beef and other animals. Cows produce large amounts of methane which is many times more potent in causing global warming. Cow manure also produces large amounts of ammonia which is a big factor in acid rain.

The vegetarian diet is the supreme diet for humankind. It is inhumane it kill animals just to eat them, for they can feel just as humans do. On the vegetarian diet you learn to balance your nutritions and vitamins to live a healthy long life. With the vegetarian diet you have higher chance of living longer and have a decrease in chronical illnesses. In all, the vegetarian diet is the perfect way to live long and happy life.

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