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Theodore Roosevelt was one of the most influential Americans to live during the 20th century because of his countless contributions to the American and Global economy. Throughout his life Roosevelt became a soldier, politician, nationalist author and much more providing himself with many opportunities to promote his vision and ideology throughout the world. Roosevelt is considered a leader, not only for the obvious reasons such as his promotion to the 26th President of the United States, but because by proving his social understanding of the American and global economy by expanding the powers of the Federal Government in the interest of the people as well as expanding foreign policies for trade and immigration.

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“Connor Robertson Leadership Paper Theodore Teddy Roosevelt”

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Theodore Teddy Roosevelt was born into a wealthy family in New York City graduating Harvard in 1880 and entering law school and Columbia University. After one year at law school, Teddy dropped out and became involved with politics being elected to the New York State Assembly serving two terms (1882-1884) at the age of 23 ( I believe this to be a defining leadership moment in Teddies life as he is relatively young to join the assembly for the state government but believe he is ready to take a role as influential possibly meaning he has realized the ideology he wishes to pursue and the changes he believes can make a difference. During the day on 1884 Theodore’s Wife and Mother die providing him with the incentive to move west; during his frontier expedition Theodore worked as a sheriff leading and controlling organization and justice. Roosevelt moved back to New York and due to his success and commitment to the republican party he was named assistant secretary of the United States Navy in 1897( I find this to be a good example of leadership as he is taking on responsibility that is at the Federal level for the first time in his life and it is somewhat of a stepping stone for him to expand his influence and impact a larger population.

During the Spanish American war, Theodore Roosevelt put his political career on hold to form a Calvary unit for the American Army known as the Rough Riders(Wiki); displaying countless acts of heroism and bravery Roosevelt became a well-known militaristic leader thought the army and back home in the states giving him recognition returning home as a nationalist and a fighter for the people. Unlike many politicians before him he took it upon himself to stop political battles with the enemy and move toward a more physical perspective, this is a sign of a good leader because as the assistant secretary of the Navy you can be seen as a type of manager of the Navy who may not necessarily go into battle but obverse and manages it from the office; Theodore Roosevelts decision to leave politics and fight in the war proved to be a major influence in his future nominations because it showed that he was the type of manager to literally get into the trenches with his soldiers or employees and work with them, coaching them instead of just managing them.

After his return home considerable support was put behind the Roosevelt by the republican party as he was seen as a war hero and nationalist who lead the Rough Riders and America to victory over the Spanish. Roosevelt would soon find himself campaigning across America for the Republican Party and William McKinley for the Presidential election. Shortly after winning the election McKinley was assassinated and Roosevelt as Vice President was sworn into office as the youngest President take office at the age of 42. (Cooper) I believe that a good leader is not afraid to take risks and listen to his gut, at the young age of 42 Roosevelt is taking a risk by essentially maximizing his political career in order to progress the country into economic, social and political prosperity. As the Leader of one of the Largest and most powerful counties in the world, Roosevelt expresses his strong beliefs that the government should take up leadership role it was meant to have over the county to support and expand American society. One of his most influential acts as President as the passage of the Square Deal act providing protection for small business from big corporate businesses such as Trusts or Monopolies.(

This s a good example of leadership because Roosevelt recognized the need for change in the economy knowing that when he provided his small business with more protection and power they would ultimately act in the best interest of the Nation as a whole a progress the economy; this is a good example of Theory Y Management as Roosevelt is empowering his people and providing them with the opportunity to better their own lives. One of the last major influential act Roosevelt committed was the creation of the Panama Canal which not only provided alternated shipping routes to increase foreign trade, but it also positively progressed foreign relations in the southern hemisphere. Because of the growing American influence in South American countries Roosevelt knew America has to protect its new assets and allies from other foreign powers so he enacted the Monroe Doctrine which stated that the United States would act as the police force protecting Latin American from foreign intervention.( I believe this to be another great example of leadership for Roosevelt as he is putting the welfare of other smaller countries safe under the protection of the United States acting as a governing force in a region almost as large as America itself.

After the White House, Theodore Roosevelt remain heavily involved with American politics supporting new rising managers and guiding them toward political and social success as he had once done himself. Many of Roosevelts reform ideologies would echo throughout the progressive era including the presidency of Woodrow Wilson. A good leaders influence is everlasting and is used throughout history as a reminder of what is expected of a great organization or country alike that believe in the progression of society whether its global or domestic.

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