Understanding the Internationalization Concept

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The purpose of this research is understanding the internationalization concept and highlighting the challenges and opportunities for business internationalization in the Sudanese market; taking Aptech Computer Education as a case study. 

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“Understanding the Internationalization Concept”

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To begin with, there are several factors that affect business internationalization; such as governments, country economy and product acceptancy. For example, governments and their political relation with one another defiantly affect the economic relationship between the them; even companies get affected. Apple for instance made many changes and used a powerful strategic plan to make it number two worldwide; however, it is not number one since certain countries have embargo and are restricted from downloading with iTunes; they cannot access the app store fully. No doubt that has a negative impact on Apple’s sales and total market outreach. Therefore, eliminating or overcoming such barrier is crucial for businesses to prosper.

On the other hand, the economic cycle of the country; whether it’s in its early recession, full recession, early recovery or late recovery; where each state in this cycle influences the international trade differently. Another factor is the demand on the product and its acceptancy; in order to succeed, determining the common products requested by international trade or could be accepted internationally is crucial before entering a foreign market.

In order to understand internationalization, it is pivotal to understand the terms that comes with it; localization and globalization. While internationalization means the process of enterprises to enter an international market, globalization is the process by which businesses or organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. On the other hand, localization is the exact opposite, where an enterprise for instance, be located or fixed in a country. These interrelated terms are the key to establishing new strategies for international business. Localization plays a big part of internalization.  For a company to be able to do business on an international scale it must have a stable local market. Many factors go in to a stable local market i.e. bank stability government stability and culture acceptance. In order for one to move forward it business wise the country must have a stable economy with minimum inflation. If a local market has inflation it makes it difficult for products to get sold on an international market. 

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