Metabical Case Study

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Metabical (Case study) Case Facts • Metabical is a prescription drug produced by Cambridge Sciences Pharmaceuticals (CSP) for weight loss. • It was the first and only prescription drug to obtain FDA approval for weight loss (overweight category) drug. • The company had conducted an elaborate market research program for identifying the target segment and positioning the product. • Competitors: FDA approved OTC drug Alli. • Marketing strategy: – DTC advertising- celebrity endorser, TV, radio, internet, print media Patient? knowledge and awareness about the drug top priority – Advertising with Medical community- print ad in leading medical publications Overview • People with a body mass index (BMI) of 28 to 30 had an average weight loss of 26 pounds over a 12 weeks & people with a BMI of 25-28 had an average weight loss of 15 pounds using metabical. • CSP wanted to base their new product comparably to Alli, but felt Metabical could be priced at a premium due to the need of a prescription to get the drug. Pricing was a main concern with this product and several scenarios were run to try and project and forecast where the pricing would make the best return on investment (ROI). • Packaging – The weight loss drug available in three four-week packages. • The four week packaging was at the specific point where the consumer did not have to spend too much money to buy it, yet got invested in the product enough that they would come back to buy the second and third portions Marketing Research According to the US survey • 34% overweight • 25. 8% obese • 4. 7% severely obese – Health care providers were positive about the prospects of weight loss drugs. – Responses of individuals: indicates 12% would immediately opt for such a solution. – Focus group: Need of Prescription-strength drug with FDA approval & clinical results to backup weight loss results. Decision making The process of decision making for the consumers would follow the hierarchy of effects and would include the following steps: 1. AWARENESS: the consumer should be aware about the drug 2. LIKING: as a result of visiting the doctor and obtaining a prescription 3. PREFERENCES: POD>cost and benefit of the drug at a chemist and comparing with alternatives 4. CONVICTION: belief in the product 5. READINESS TO BUY 6. PURCHASE The people involved in this process would be: 1. The direct customers 2. Doctors 3. Chemists 4. Opinion leaders 5. Users involved in word of mouth publicity Differential advantages First prescription drug to be approved by the FDA specifically for weight loss of overweight individuals – credibility – First prescription drug for BMI of 25-30 – It worked on low dose formulation hence stress on liver and heart was lesser – Side effects were less severe and conditional – Behavioral modifications and healthier eating habits – Results were seen on an average in 12 weeks – More comprehensive support plan – The above advantage could be used for positioning in the following ways: • Premium pricing as it is the only FDA approved prescription drug for weight loss. • Strikingly different from dietary supplements for weight loss Segmentation & Targeting multi cluster segmentation Demographic – Income levels – High Income group, since they are ready to pay out of their pockets. – Gender- Females are more weight conscious. – Age: 35+ – Education: college plus Psychographic : Based on, Physical activity, Food preferences, Nutrition, Self image, Overall health – “I want to be healthier” – “ I want to fit into my skinny Jeans” • Geographic : US is the largest geographic segment where 65% of the entire adult population is over-weight, obese or severely obese . Targeting customers with a BMI of 25-30 Positioning Strategy Positioning as a „Life saving drug? Those 20 extra pounds can kill you. Being overweight leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes “It? s time to get Healthy- Metabical can help. ” • Positioning as a „Motivational Therapeutic drug? “Discover a happier and a more attractive you” – Increases confidence – Boosts self-esteem Marketing Communication Strategy • Electronic media – TV – Radio – Social media • Print media – NEWS – Magazines • • • • • Viral media DTC and prescriber advertising „Free lunch? pre launch program Metabical Challenge – Biggest looser contest Medical education events Thank you

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