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Code of ethics is important to all businesses do to the fact of important rules of behavior. These codes also require a foundation of proactive notifications for the employees within the company. Regardless of the amount of employee’s the, each business can rely on the department managers to set a started code of ethics for all employees.


The purpose of a code of ethics it allows businesses to have a summarized document outline of what is expected for all employees within the company. “A code of ethics is the most comprehensive and consists of general statements, sometimes altruistic or inspirational, that serve as principles and as the basis for rules of conduct.” (Ferrell, Fraedrich, & Ferrell, 2015)



Honesty as a Virtue “Honesty is widely accepted as a prime example of moral virtue.” (Wilson, 2018) Honestly is astoundingly overlooked in the world today. Honesty is needed to help us be able to choices in life, weather it is about our career or politics.


Maintaining Business integrity in a Post-truth World “Integrity means doing the right thing, even when it’s not easy, and we each need to be committed to making that choice, every day.” ((Rhys) Robinsonn, 2018) Integrity is the quality of being honest, learning lessons or having an experience in life that contains specific piece of information

Promise-keeping & Trustworthiness

Why do promises affect trustworthiness, or do they? “Communication is often fund to foster trust and cooperation and many studies have emphasized the role of promises in this respect.” (Ismayilov, 2016) People should keep able to keep promises with other employees and build trust. Managers are our leaders and all employees should be ale to have trust in them.


Purposive Loyalty “Acting in a corporation’s best interest, if it means anything outside the law, likely means something different from acting in a human being’s best interests.” (Gold, 2017) Whether employees agree with or without a situation, they need to look at the positive part of a situation. They need to be supportive of the situation and add any ideas to engage in a positive way.


How workplace fairness affects employee commitment “The relationship between workers’ trust in decision-making authorities and their commitment toward the organization is a self-perpetuating one.” (Seifert, 2016)When employees say anything negative it tends to rub off on others. This leaves other employees feeling negative about their job as well. If employees talk negative about their job, pull them aside and talk to them about their problems. Then conclude on how to fix the problem they are facing.

Concern for Others

Self-compassion and forms of concern for others “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” (Gerber, Tolmacz, & Doron, 2015) If someone seems upset, help those who are needed. If a person is willing to talk about their problems, listen to them and give positive advice. Help them feel positive about how they are feeling.

Respect for Others

i. Equal Protection in the Key of Respect “Demeaning, recall, is an especially strong form of disrespect. Just as every insult does not express that the other is of less moral worth, so too every failure to take the other’s interests into account isn’t significant enough to constitute demeaning disrespect.” (Hellman, 2014) Demeaning is not just what is said to someone. Demeaning can be an action done to another person. No matter a person’s race, sex or origin people should be treated with respect. Many times, actions speak louder than words.

Law Abiding

Compliance with Food Safety Laws in Germany: Food Businesses in Berlin “In general, one can assume that business compliance is influenced by factors at different levels.” (Fietz, Bavorova, & Hirschauer, 2018) Businesses need to comply to all rules they are given and stay up to code. For grocery stores a company called Ecolab comes in about once a month and walks to store to make sure they are up to code. If businesses fail the walk there is a code of violation given to the store.

Commitment to Excellence

Building business excellence through psychological capital “Organizations that can make efforts to deepen their understanding of the inner needs of their employees and incorporate the understanding into the organizational activities know better how to activate their own human resources in terms of muscle, heart, brain, and spiritual dimensions.” (Hsu, Wang, Chen, & Dahlgaard-Park, 2014) When a business commits to excellence they become well known and succeed well. This is a long-term dedication for the business in action.


Business leadership for peace “The leader should choose leadership approaches that match followers’ needs, one of which is a participative style.” (Ledbetter, 2016) The leaders or managers within a company should include their employees in different areas of their jobs. Being a great leader helps your employees to grow into leaders as well.

Reputation and Morale

Why do firms have “Purpose”? The firm’s role as a carrier of identity and reputation “The Reputation and identity effects are, in principle, also independent of the personal action od employees.” (Henderson, 2015) Businesses need reputation and morale This helps protect and develop the company’s reputation and morale of their employees.


The mystery shopper: a tool to measure public service delivery? “Their knowledge and past experiences – can influence how the interaction will unfold.” (Jacob, 2018) Mystery shoppers go into retail stores and write a review about that place of business. They make sure everyone is doing their job correctly. The retailer then sees the review and can fix any errors that took place.

Biblical Concept

John 16:13 (NIV)

“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only that he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.” (BibleGateway, 2019)


In conclusion this paper has covered the twelve major code of ethics. These are policies within a work place. The explanation for each code of ethics is also give. Also covered is the comparison and contrast of what agrees between Scripture and the secular thoughts and how they may differ.


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