Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics

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Evaluation of a Business Code of Ethics It is a noble idea for a business to preserve a mission statement which is the heart of a corporation’s image and the direction of the corporation all together so that things can progress and stay top-notch. Effective mission statements can be a great benefit to an organization. When everyone is functioning mutually in a certain fashion greater organizational reason is reached. A mission statement is a key phase in the strategic progress process of the business. It is substantial when organizations implement a mission statement and relate it to their applied policies and reflect reaction from various assemblies. The Starbucks mission statement Starbuck’s mission statement is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time. This company lives by this mission in every capacity. Their coffee, the company has always and will always stand behind the quality of their beverages. They do this by selecting the finest beans and taking care while roasting the beans all while striving to care for the farmers who grow them. Starbucks works to support the mission of their partners that is to ensure that the company is a place where employees can be themselves at work. For the customers it is the mission of the company to prepare quality beverages while enriching the customer through a positive atmosphere within the employees and store. This atmosphere also lends itself to invitations into communities and neighborhoods. The Starbucks Code of Conduct Starbucks is striving to bring the coffee industry to adopt a fair labor practice. The company proposes to implement this code by focusing on 3 vital areas the quality of the coffee they offer, the lives of the people who grow, gather and process the beans that are used to make the company’s main product its coffee. The company will ensure the implementation of this plan through purchasing from merchants who conduct business in accordance with the code of Starbucks. Starbucks will conduct yearly assessments to test to regulate whether progress is being made toward the fair labor practice. The company will also conduct tests in other parts of the world where they have stores and contracts. The Starbucks Code of Conduct in the Workplace The code of conduct in the workplace for Starbucks has to do with how the employees treat each other. Starbucks has provisions on how to handle cases of misconduct in the workplace. This misconduct can be harassment, bullying or discrimination. The company describes these as any behavior that is unwelcomed physical or verbal activity violent, hurtful or sexual in nature. The company has informed employees that if such activity occurs and the employee does not feel comfortable communicating with the employee that they should go to their manger and discuss the problem. The Starbucks Code of Conduct for the Customer Renowned customer service is the highest importance at Starbucks. We go all-out to make every consumer’s experience pleasurable and satisfying, and we treat our consumers as we treat one another, with respect and dignity. This means, for instance, that we never bother or victimize against our consumers. If there is a problem between a consumer and an employee the customer should go to the manger and explain the problem and the manager should work to fix the problem if the problem is not fixed or fixed but not satisfactorily the customer should go to corporate. The Starbucks Code of Conduct for the Board of Directors It is the responsibility of the board of directors to supervise the implementation of corporate influences. This group is also responsible for the Corporation’s business and dealings are achieved to meet its specified goals and purposes and that the longstanding benefits of the stockholders are served. The Board distinguishes its obligation to engage, and deliver for the endurance of, administrative management that possesses the charisma, abilities and understanding compulsory to accomplish the Company’s objectives and its accountability to select candidates for the Board of Directors who possess appropriate credentials and reflect a reasonable diversity of backgrounds and perspectives What could improve about Starbucks? Starbucks as a company has room to improve. They are working to improve the mess that was made in the beginning with exaggerated expansion. For example when the company was newer and stores were popping up everywhere. To repair this, the company has closed stores and reduced the amount of employees within the company. These reductions led to an almost tripled bottom line. This increase took place within the first quarter following the changes. Even with this change the CEO Howard Schultz sees his company as one that is supposed to continue to grow. Schultz’s views for the company can either be good for it or bad. One of the ways he is proposing growth of his company is that it hits the social networking arena. This was done through the introduction of the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and its application on Apple’s devices. This growth was good for the company; however the innovation that was causing concern for the company is that of instant coffee and the introduction of 15th Avenue, another coffee establishment owned by the company of Starbucks. The reason the instant coffee venture was in question for the company is because two companies have already explored the instant coffee idea and those companies are Green Mountain Coffee and McDonald’s. One of the biggest problems noted in Starbucks and its rival McDonalds is the price difference for their line of beverages. Starbucks still has room for growth over McDonalds even with the steep price difference between the competitors. Conclusion During the course of doing the research to compose and composing the paper a lot was learned about the mission statement for Starbucks and work that the company does to ensure that the company possesses a strong workplace for employees and a comfortable atmosphere for customers to enjoy quality beverages and snacks. The code of conduct makes the company able to stand behind the actions and behaviors of employees and staff. The company has a set of provisions that it follows in the event of a mishap whether the mishap involves employee to employee or employee to customer. While the employees make the company tick the customers are the bottom line of the reason behind Starbucks. It is hard to believe but Starbucks as a company has had some room to improve. The main cause for improvement was one of downsizing both in employees and stores later in the company’s existence the company expanded to include the brand 15th Avenue Tea, this line was a source of worry for the health of Starbucks, however, the downsizing caused the company’s bottom line to just about triple. Even though the cost of the company’s instant coffee is greater than the competitors the company is looking at that innovation as an area for growth. Overall, it looks as if the company is a strong one and is going to be here for many years to come. References Graham, K. (2010). Why Starbucks Has Room to Improve. Retrieved from https://www.minyanville.com/businessmarkets/articles/starbucks-growth-upgrade-profit-price-hikes/1/22/2010/id/26485?refresh=1 Our Starbucks Mission Statement. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.starbucks.com/about-us/company-information/mission-statement Shultz, H. (n.d.). Business Ethics and Compliance Standards of Business Conduct. Retrieved from https://globalassets.starbucks.com/assets/eecd184d6d2141d58966319744393d1f.pdf

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