Climate Change is Affecting our Lives

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We all noticed the “hurricane season” in 2018. In 2018, a total of 15 major storms and 8 hurricanes hit the earth. Two of those hurricanes did massive destruction; that’s like having a hurricane every month. Also, the California wildfires are still burning over a million acres of land. Data shows that the average temperature of the earth has been increasing every year. Even though global warming isn’t officially confirmed as an international problem, you can obserb that global warming is a real thing.

Global warming is real. Global warming is harming our planet and people all over the world. We know its a big problem but we’re failing to control it. Climate change is affecting our lives. Many people say that there isn’t climate change does not affect our daily lives. That’s a claim because, In 1996, North Korea was hit by a large number of floods that destroyed their crops. Many North Koreans were forced to eat leaves and grass. This is an example of how far climate can affect human health (Kingsnorth). Many diseases will spread.

We all have seen the massive number of mosquitos when you walk outside on a hot day. This was predicted back in the ’90s. In 1998, Hedley Centre predicted that the range of mosquitos was going to increase due to higher temperatures. In North America and Europe (Kingsnorth). If you say that the range of mosquitos won't matter just wait. In 1990 745,961 people died from malaria (data from chart Roser, Max, and Hannah Ritchie) than increased to 990,927peopple (data from chart Roser, Max, and Hannah Ritchie). Diseases like malaria could comeback in areas where it got extinguished (Rohrer). Malaria, schistosomiasis, dengue fever, river blindness, and yellow fever are all vector-borne diseases that could increase due to climate change. According, to a 1996 report from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (Kingsnorth).

Most of our natural resources rely on climate. Global warming will make millions starve and dehydrate. Rohrer stated in an article that many will starve by 2080. If we don't do something, an extreme number of people will not have enough water to drink in a couple decades (Rohrer). Due to global warming, many resources like water and food are going to become limited. This could lead to war and chaos. Resources like food and clean water are going to become limited ( Countries will fight for those resources (Knickerbocker). Also, the countries with weak governments will have the most consequences (Knickerbocker).

In conclusion global warming will make many deseases sread like wildfire, make us fight for many resources, and change our daily lives.

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