Psychology of Sexual Orientation

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Sexual orientation refers to an individual’s sexual preference with respect to the gender in which they are drawn or attracted, for instance bisexual, homosexual, or heterosexual. In many different cultures there are taboos in regards to different sexualities, therefore it is very important to evaluate what causes these different sexual orientations and how they can be prevented at an early age. This is because the different sexual orientations cause discriminations and stigma. According to different research these orientations are due to different environments, cultures. Genes and the brain structure(Ward et al, 2013). Different lifestyles and environments affect an individual’s sexuality because they tend to adapt to the environment in which they are in, this will help them to survive and adapt better. Furthermore, different cultures are also play a role in an individual’s sexual orientation because they show and highlight the different norms and rules that should be followed. Genetically different individuals are born with different genetic make-up, in their different chromosomes and these affect their sexuality highly without much significance on the gender (Ward et al, 2013). Additionally, different hormone’s also play a role in determining an individual’s sexuality, for instance, the levels of testosterone and estrogen both in males and females. In conclusion, it is very important to respect each and every individual’s sexuality, this is because most of these sexual orientations are not because of an individual’s life style but they are mostly things that they can’t control by themselves.
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