Cold War and its Aftermath

As we are all connected to history in one-way shape or form it is important to realize how history is moving us in certain directions. The era of the cold war and just after that played a major role in directing events in the USA. This included technology advancements, human rights, and then the USA policies concerning the world. We find that the world has been deeply influenced in this period and continues to project into our future.

During the world wars technology was being constantly developed, hoping to give on country an advantage over others. But this development has its limitation as it requires most of the resources to put into the actual fighting the war. After world war two those resources could shift to new developments with technology in the period of the cold war. At the time USA alone had nuclear weapons that didn’t last. As the Soviet Union continued to develop these technologies they ended up ahead in putting the first artificial satellite into space. This scare cause president Kennedy in 1961 to announce that the USA would put man on the moon. Many of the products that we use today came directly from the space program as it pushed the limits of technology. This includes things but is not limited to LED lights, better computers, foam beds and structural analysis. Had there been an actual war some of the technologies would have been prolonged or possibly not even developed.

As history has moved on human right continue to grow and become more defined. During the Cold war the differences of what was considered human right was put into question. Soviet Union had different ideas then what the USA had. This can be seen when the two world leaders compared lifestyles of their people. While human right wasn’t the focus in the USA at this time this was where many ideas were formed and solidified as time went on. Especially as the USA was leading the world and yet had problems with raises within itself. As was stated in Give Me Liberty, Eric Foner, Pg724 section Ambiguities of Human Rights.

The USA policies in the world was initially one of remaining Isolated for the most part (world war 1 and 2), but after the world wars that change to allow for the USA to intervene, so they could prevent future conflicts in the word. This included reaching out to prevent the spread of communism which led the USA into wars and controlling countries by any means necessary. This all to project what the USA thinks is best for the world. And this continues to happen even to this day. This is in part why the USA spends so much money on its military in this day in addition being involved in politics. Although some would say the USA is turning inwards especially when it comes to environmental issues.

If we consider how the people have reacted in past situations we will be able to better tell how they will react here and now. In addition to trends that will continue. If we assert some of these ideas of this time in and after the cold war we could find that the reasons, then might not fit to now. Or we could also find that we are doing what we currently known as best. Technology now is growing till from the government but also on the side on consumerism. So, this may have been a onetime affect in government term. Then the Human right are still using many of these same ideas along with USA’s relation to the rest of the world. By looking at these one might better see how the present is connected to the past.

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