Business Startup Proposal

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Based on the information provided, I would like to offer Bill a recommendation for starting his new business.

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“Business Startup Proposal”

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First, to be confident enough that his computer will run regular entry-level business software. At the same time, it is advisable to pay attention to the key features of his future business.


Product Business Need  Estimated Cost (USD))
Notebook A high-performance laptop is required to get the job done $ 970,00
Wireless mouse For convenient computer use $25.00
Bluetooth headset Allows you to use your mobile phone hands-free for safe driving   $ 100.00
Inkjet Printer  For Printing

$ 150.00

Cellular telephone  ?? Android $ 700.00



Operating System

Microsoft (Windows 10) Bundled with laptop

Webroot Internet Security Plus To protect your laptop and Android device from viruses, spyware and malware $45,00 (in year)
Microsoft Office 365. All office applications Microsoft storage space (1-5 terabytes) and file hosting services $10,00 (per month)

Other technologies and training


Business need

Estimated cost per month

Internet Service Wi-Fi Router To connect your laptop and mobile phone to the Internet in your home office $75,00
Google G Suite Email To Create a Professional Business Email Address $ 5,00

Office work Software training


Software training to improve basic skills in various applications $25,00

Description of the required elements


1. Laptop computer. Two main factors determine the performance of a CPU (central processing unit): the number of cores and the speed at which it runs. Speed ??is measured in gigahertz (GHz).

Some details of the laptop being used should include:

  • Processor – Intel Core 15 6300u (2.40 GHz). He must be able to quickly process large programs that Bill is expected to use on his personal computer.
  • RAM (random access memory) is what allows the computer to manage multiple tasks and allows programs to be opened at the same time. For best performance, a laptop with 8GB (gigabytes) of RAM will run faster.
  • Hard Drive – 256 GB SSD. (SSD-Solid State Disk is preferred to HDD-Hard disk drive) SSDs are faster and more reliable because they have no moving parts. If Bill is presented with these choices, it is usually better to opt for a smaller SSD over a large HDD. Bill will not require too much data storage because Microsoft 365 already provides 1- 5 TB (Terabytes) of online storage.
  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth is an open wireless technology standard for transmitting electronic device data over short distances. It allows the computer to communicate with other devices in the immediate area.
  • USB Ports (Universal Serial Bus) – The laptop should have at least 2 USB ports for the connection of other external devices such as the printer, wireless mouse USB receiver, etc.
  • Webcam – is a video camera that feeds or streams its image in real-time to or through a computer to a computer network. Bill will be able to broadcast using the Skype feature on Microsoft 365.
  1. Wireless Handheld Mouse – It will be beneficial for Bill to have a wireless mouse, for greater efficiency, than the default trackpad mouse on the laptop.
  2. Bluetooth Headset – A wireless Bluetooth headset will provide Bill with the advantage of easily connecting to his laptop and phone. He can also make and receive calls with his mobile phone and computer using this headset, thus allowing him to maneuver his vehicle without having to divert his attention. For Office calls, Skype is included with Microsoft Office 365 and is a full-featured communication software, which includes video conferencing and making and receiving calls from his computer and mobile phone.
  3. Inkjet Printer – This printer will allow all of Bill’s printing needs to be fulfilled when necessary.
  4. Android OS cell phone – A user-friendly smartphone with the latest Android Operating System and Bluetooth capability is recommended since Android phones have wide compatibility with different devices and will work well with Bill’s hardware.


  1.  Operating System – Since Bill is comfortable with Microsoft Windows, it is suggested that Bill continues to use it. It is popular and considered one of the most secure Operating Systems for Personal Computers, and can be referred to as the most universal system. Windows 10’s apps are integrated into a common platform that can be used or accessed on all Microsoft products such as Personal Computers and mobile devices. In addition, it is a more economical option for Bill, since some computers are already equipped with Windows 10.
  2.  Anti-virus and Firewall (Webroot Internet Security Plus) – Webroot secures businesses and individuals worldwide with threat intelligence and protection for endpoints and networks. Webroot Security is a powerful, lightweight, integrated protection for PC, Mac, and Android. Cloud-based Webroot Security is a perfect antivirus for protecting you from online threats and includes a personal firewall and a password manager, so it keeps your system safe while browsing.
  3. Microsoft Office 365- This service provides access to software applications and related services like Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook. Upon subscription, Microsoft Office apps on Windows and Android can be used to increase productivity by enabling Bill to complete many of his various tasks. It is accessible, secure and provides storage space on Cloud OneDrive. Bill can also take advantage of the 60 Skype minutes that is offered each month, using his webcam and Bluetooth headset.


  1. High speed Internet connection with Wi-Fi Router – Bill will require at least 50Mbps (Megabytes per second) to ensure he is getting optimum internet performance in his home office. Bill should also ensure that he is provided with a wireless router to allow his devices to communicate wirelessly without being tied down to wired connections. This service can be purchased from his local internet provider.
  2. G Suite Email – Google G Suite provides secure, professional business email hosting services which Bill will need to manage his business emails to remain in contact with his suppliers and customers. G Suite email is based on Gmail and is also compatible with Microsoft Outlook, so Bill will have easy access to his email from any computer or smartphone. Bill can choose his own personalized email address for his business.


Office Productivity Software Training ( – is the leading online training platform. It enables everyone to acquire a wide range of skills through access to over 13,000 expert-led and self-paced courses. Bill can use this online service to get manuals for Microsoft Office programs and many other software applications. Bill can access these courses from his computer or smartphone at any time and will receive a certificate upon completion.

Estimated cost of the proposal

Bill’s home office startup is priced at $ 2,105, which is the sum of all hardware purchases and software subscriptions. This means that Bill will be well prepared and able to get off to a successful start in his first month of operation at a relatively low cost.

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