Senior Project Proposal. Dentistry

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The impacts of periodontitis and tooth decay.

Topic: The impacts of periodontitis and tooth decay.

Objective: Minimize tooth diseases in the most vulnerable population of Grand Prairie.

Goal: To create a non-profitable program to help the community of Grand Prairie has better oral health.

Mission: I want to provide to those who struggle, a healthy smile is the biggest reward.

The most vulnerable population in Grand Prairie susceptible to dental problems are people with bad hygiene habits as well as nicotine addictions and the people of low income who are unable to get insurance who provides programs of prevention and care in order to teach dental hygiene. This leads to two of the most common diseases; periodontitis and tooth decay which both lead to tooth loss. In this project, I will give and explain solutions to such non-communicable problems that are absolutely preventable in order to avoid further health problems.

The project I will present will provide a low-cost and accessible way to oral health to those who don’t have access to it. My idea is to create a program of dentists and dental hygienists who are willing to help their society by providing free cleanings to those who have limited access to them. The dentist and dental hygienist registered on the program will give only 8 hours a month to the cause, and the patients will be treated in their respective clinics. I will create a website with all the necessary information including signs to identify periodontitis and tooth decay as well as the list of doctors who will participate in the program. The doctors will help the cause as well as benefit from it by possibly gaining patients in the future.

Through the things, I’ve learned in the dentistry pathway like the oral hygiene instructions I am able to teach basic oral hygiene. From what I’ve learned from my pathway as well as the two internships I’ve done I am able to explain and demonstrate how to correctly have good oral hygiene. I aspire to impact the community of Grand Prairie by starting this program which will provide an opportunity to those in need to have a low-cost dental cleaning.

I’ve selected this topic because while I was on my trip in Colombia doing an internship at a pediatric dentist I witness how the kids simply had bad oral health. The doctor explained to me that she was located on a less expensive side of town which is why she offered way more accessible dentistry to the kids. Low income is not the only aspect that may lead to tooth loss, my very own grandparent had periodontists from smocking. This made me realize how common it is for people to have such problems and how I can make an impact by trying to minimize the problems by creating my program “Smiles for All”. In the future when I become a dentist I want to help those who don’t have the good habits or just the money to have a healthy mouth.

Initial research questions:

Who is affected by the issue I am addressing?

How will my solution benefit those who are affected?

How will I utilize the acquired skills that I have gained and who will it impact?


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