A Modest Proposal

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In this day and age working adults and kids growing up in school have become more anxious these days. I have found that only a certain amount of kids are not afraid of interacting with other people. Most kids these days are becoming to have anxiety and social awkwardness. I propose that we as a community start having all electronics to be shut down for a certain amount of time daily. This will help the future of the world by having the next generation not always being dependent on electricity and the internet.

My proposal is to have electricity to be shut down for at least three to four hours a day. This will allow kids and adults to socialize and have a better relationship with others. Even better this can open new friendships to others and have people grow up knowing better of others about emotions and knowledge. This can even better our politics in the future by having politicians having a better knowledge of the people in their community. This proposal can solve our generations with anxiety or social awkwardness.

My first reason of this proposal is it will bring in an education of a higher IQ among all kids. My second reason is to have better relationships and friendships throughout all of the community to have future generations have a better understanding of human emotions. My third reason is to create less socially awkward people and maybe even less mentally ill people that have PTSD or schizophrenia. This can help people use therapy with each other and relieve stress through interaction. My fourth and final reason is to have others grow up knowing true emotion and psychological knowledge of people helping others and letting people know them better.

The urgency of this means that I have seen more and more on social media of people killing themselves or coming out of the closet as gay or bisexual and maybe even as non binary. In todays world society has been loosening up from the LGBTQ society leaving even more people to come out of the closet. But even as this is happening there are rape victims and molestation victims that havent even come out yet from what had happened to them. If what I have seen from social media this can be a fifty-fifty from ruining peoples lives and families can be worked out to become even closer than they were.

In conclusion my proposal is to have more time spent without electricity and to create better relationships. My proposal can help people think faster and have better knowledge. In this way it can help people acknowledge others of their opinions and spread better ideas of technology. Even if we can just have one hour to others all alone we can become better and evolve faster than the rate we are now. 

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