Bullying and School Shootings

Bullying is Detrimental to the mind of the individual being bullied it creates that fear in the minds which paralyzes us. Fear is the most settled and destructive of all human diseases. Fear kills dreams, fear kills hope, fear put people in the hospital. Fear can hold you back from doing something that you know within your yourself that you capable of doing but it will paralyze you and it’s seems like you are put in an hypnotic spell.

Fear is false evidence appearing real. That is an illusion we create in our minds, it is a state of mind that can be changed thinking this is all we can do, this is all we deserve. Let’s look at how we can begin to take some steps to restructure that fear to begin to expand our vision of ourselves to begin To increase our self-esteem.

Self esteem is confidence and satisfaction from in one self. Look at your life right now, what have you done up to this point in time in your life? What ever you have produced is game out of you as the result of the kind of person you have become,Is the result of your choices, is a result of your consciousness. Now you have to ask yourself are you satisfied with what you have produced? Is this what you want? Would you like things to be better than this.

Do you believe that you deserve better than this? Are you content this is it and you don’t have to do anything else, That you already resign yourself in. Are you allowing yourself to get off the hook like that? Or do you Believe somewhere in the back of your mind, or in your heart that there other great work for you to do, That there is something else that life has for you and that’s why you here. How do we handle this fear factor cause by bullying? How do we increased our self-esteem? We had to begin to fortify your self. How do we do that? I believe that we have to begin to consciously Monitor inner conversation and talking to yourself, Start building yourself up. Sometimes the only good things you will here about you is the things you say to you. I’m saying Learn to be your own booster, start encouraging yourself, Start saying I can do this. Stop beating yourself up It’s a natural inclination to put ourselves down, We are born negative I think. And a negative consciousness, because we live a negative word, around negative people and bullying factors.

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