Biography Of Amelia Earhart

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On July 24, 1897, a baby was born. Amy and Edwin Earhart were welcoming a new child into their life. They didn’t know this child would be an amazing pilot.

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Amelia and her sister had a hard time growing up. The drinking of their father’s cost him a really good job working on the railroads. Later, her mom and dad split up. Amelia and her sister chose to go with their mom. They moved to Chicago. Later, her sister went to college in Canada. When Amelia went up to visit her once, she met a group of World War 1 veterans that had been wounded during battle. She decided to be a nurse.


        By 1920, Amelia’s parents were back together, and their family moved to California. There, Amelia payed to take a ten minute flight. This made her want to fly. She worked multiple jobs to make money. She used this money to buy flight lessons with a pilot named Anita Snooks. After some time, she had to raise more money to get a plane for herself.

The Flights

        A few years later, Captain Hilton Railey offered for Amelia to get flown from America, to the other side of the atlantic Ocean. Though she didn’t technically fly the plane, she was still the first woman to cross the Atlantic by use of a plane, and got all of the media attention. A few years later, Amelia flew across the Atlantic on her own, setting a record time of thirteen hours and thirty minutes.

Other facts

Amelia participated in a women’s air race, a few years later in her life. She then founded the Ninety-niners, a woman’s piloting organization.


Amelia died when, in June  of 1937, she took one last flight. She was going to go around the world. She took off in Miami, Florida, then landed in South America, then took off again there. She went to Africa, crossing the Sahara, then went to Thailand and Australia, then to New Guinea. On the way to New Guinea, the Coast Guard lost contact with her  plane, and Amelia, or her plane, were never seen again. 

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