Amelia Earhart: an Unsolved Mystery

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 From supposedly being a government spy to being lost at sea, there have been many conspiracy theories surfacing from an aviator's disappearance back in 1937. This aviator, of course, is Amelia Earhart. She was a female aviator who made history with the first solo flight from Hawaii to California and was also a public speaker who encouraged women to overcome social norms. In 1937, Earhart decided to fly around the world in a twin-head Lockheed Electra with Fred Noonan, but her flight was cut short when her plane suddenly disappeared in the Pacific. The 2 were declared dead after a long search party failed to find any remnants of Earhart, Noonan or their plane. Recent evidence has shed light on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart proving she was not lost at sea and perished on Nikumaroro Island.

Amelia Earhart had always been a mystery, but evidence proves that her disappearance was not as abnormal as theorized. In 2010, an organization called TIGHAR decided to set course for Nikamaroro, as it was where Amelia Earhart was last rumoured to have been. After a bit of searching, they discovered many artefacts, such as improvised tools, remnants of shoes and even some remains of an aircraft that matched the description of Earhart's. (What happened to Amelia Earhart?). This evidence proved that Earhart was indeed on Nikamaroro, and the improvised tools also suggest that she survived the crash and had tried to survive on the island. There were set of bones discovered that was then sent for analysis, and were said to be more similar to the Nikumaroro bones than 99 [per cent] of individuals in a large reference sample. (Eltagouri). In 2016, the group brought the measurements to Jeff Glickman, a forensic examiner, who located a photo of Earhart from Lockheed Aircraft Corp. that showed her with her arms exposed. It appeared, based on educated guesses, that Earhart's upper arm bone corresponded with one of the Nikumaroro bones. (Eltagouri). This suggests that the theory of being kidnapped by the Japanese is false and that Earhart was indeed on Nikamaroro.

        Earhart had also survived the crash but was not taken into captivity by the Japanese as believed. In another investigation, Richard Gillespie was determined to prove that Amelia Earhart's disappearance was not extraordinary. It was a popular belief that about an hour after running out of fuel, she announced, We are running north and south. That was the last transmission received by the Itasca. (Amelia Earhart). It was discovered that 5 days after her crash  July 7  Thelma Lovelace of St. John, New Brunswick, Canada, hears, Can you read me? Can you read me? This is Amelia Earhart   Please come in. We have taken in water, my navigator is badly hurt ... we are in need of medical care and must have help. We can't hold on much longer. Then silence, forever. (Connor). This already proves that Earhart was very much alive after crashing, and though they may have taken in water, it would be safe to say that Earhart was able to get out of the Electra, though Noonan may have been less fortunate.

Recent evidence has shed light on the disappearance of Amelia Earhart proving she was not lost at sea and perished on Nikumaroro Island. The artefacts discovered on Nikamororo did already hint towards Earhart surviving the crash itself, and that she had indeed landed on that island. But the fact that her bones still remained on Nikamororo until 2010 would entirely disprove the theory of being kidnapped by the Japanese. Amelia Earhart was an icon to the eyes of many, and her disappearance was one of the greatest mysteries in history, which is what makes this topic very significant to discuss.

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