The Mindless Submissive Animals in “Animal Farm”

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“On the throne of the world, any delusion can become fact. Gore Vidal, Julian, this summarizes the main idea George Orwell was attempting to convey to his readers throughout the novel Animal Farm. Orwell recognizes how people in power, especially in law enforcement can easily use their power to their advantage. As presented on manor farm; the pigs obtain a glimpse of power and benefit this as leverage against the entire farm, using violence and intimidation to keep their place. The animals of manor farm are easily manipulated and deceived by the pigs; especially after many years of mr.jones, the owner of manor farm, leaving them unfed and abused, the pigs taking over was nothing but an arising to the animals. because the animals were mistreated and put into an unethical environment to begin with, they were preemptively set-up to be manipulated by their soon to be leaders, the pigs.

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“The Mindless Submissive Animals in “Animal Farm””

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It is evident that the animals of manor farm want nothing to do with jones, but do nothing to stop him. This was the case because the majority of their lives they have been abused and mistreated by mr.jones becoming the norm for them. The pigs began to overpower the animals within the first couple months of taking over manor farm. Realising what they were capable of; they began to take advantage, especially because the jive animals are unaware of their position in that society. They used poems, songs, and the seven commandments to overwhelm the animals into obeying by their laws and if none of these tactics work; they use intimidation of violence to scare them into submission. The pigs undergo a significant amount of change throughout the story; from drinking alcohol, walking on two legs, and even engaging in trade with the humans. This goes to show what power can really do to people and how with power comes great responsibility.

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