Being a Teenager Can be Challenging

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Being a teenager can be challenging. When coping with changes, whether it is physically or mentally, they can take can take a toll on a teen's life because they have never experienced such stress. The transition to adulthood is smooth for some, but rough for others. Often learning from their mistakes, teenagers have the opportunity to face new odds, ultimately making them more experienced. They can tell their lessons as stories and influence younger people of this generation not to make foolish choices. The setbacks teens face throughout the course of their life can equip them with lessons for the future.

Being an adolescent is voluntarily going to happen no matter what. As teenagers, we are often treated differently than adults, which is true in many cases. Adults think teenagers can be childish because of our age difference and our actions. Some adults do not realize that teenagers are in a crucial stage of a major transformation and this makes our experience extremely challenging. It is expected that teens act like young adults, be responsible in their decisions, be driven by motivation that keeps us moving forward, and succeed wherever we go in in life. Even though many of us are told to not act like children, this can make it tough to get an adult’s trust because if teens don’t live up to the expectations of adults, then the adults could care less.

On the contrary, technology has become our best friend. The best part of being a teenager is having technology that lets us build connections with other people. Unlike decades ago, teens are now strongly linked together. They have the ability to reach anyone with just the tap of a button. Teens nowadays are grateful to have technology that people didn't have many generations ago. Everywhere we go, we see some type of technology such as iPhones, tablets, or even computers. We can make long distance calls, study from the internet, and keep ourselves busy by using our phones. Technology is evolving everyday, which is why teenagers are also evolving because this lets them make any decisions they want with a click of a button. Using technology to hone their skills, teenagers have more potential to succeed now than ever before. Another reason why being a teenager is great is because of the freedom that you have. 'Young, wild, and free!', we have the opportunity to do as we please and take risks to enhance our prospects of success. Nowadays, teens have the fortune of choosing between endless paths to ripen into adulthood. These paths not only show the teens the abilities they have but can also teach them to overcome many of their dilemmas. During these years, mature into smart and agreeable adults. Hopefully, they can make certain decisions without consulting others, because in the future, they have to do things on their own and rely on themselves.

Every experience has some sort of lesson or story that goes along with it. These life lessons can be shared with other people to inform them of the aspects of life, as well as what to do and what not to do. Some difficult obstacles I’ve had to face as a teen are procrastination and stress. The best advice I would give to younger generations is to never stress because it just makes the situation worse and it will drive you crazy. Stress has interfered with many of my daily routines including school, work, relationships, and college applications. Set goals for yourself that you know you can accomplish. Being a teenager is not easy and there are many challenges that come with it, but it is great preparation for the future when you are an adult, since you will be mature and ready to handle any obstacle that comes your way. 

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