Attitude of Teenagers to People Around them

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So you asked how the actions of a teenager affect the mortality rate of the elderly population. It is because teenagers during the coronavirus seem to not be worried about it because they think they can’t die from it or even get it. They think that they can go outside and party with all their friends instead of staying inside like they are supposed to. Teenagers are stupid and don’t like to listen. The answer is they think they are immortal to it but really they can get it and when they get it they are spreading to everyone. When they go home they are at risk of giving it to their parents or siblings. Since they can’t die they are really good carriers for the virus which is making the virus technically even more dangerous. The virus main target is elderly people. Since teenagers are good carriers for it they can infect their grandparents or anybody else.

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“Attitude of Teenagers to People Around them”

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These are examples of teenagers acting very stupid: teenagers sneaking out of the house past curfew, teens drinking at parties, premarital sex, and bullying are some of the dumbest things a teenager does. That has nothing little effect of mortality for elders but it is just examples of teens and why there actions are stupid and careless.

Since teens are stupid they should be watched over by their parents during quarentine because they could get it without knowing and spread it to people. I really could not stress enough that you should not let your teenage sons and or daughters go outside. In some places right now it’s even illegal to go outside. If that isn’t saying something then i don’t know what else to say.

We need to talk and pray for our elders. Our elders are very important. There was a time where the elderly played a very important role in our life; they were the main thing that held our foundation together, and are mostly the reason we exist to this day. Elderly people taught us respect, manners, traditions, appreciation of things, and how to accept and deal with life experiences.

We need to take care of our elders because they need a sense of belongingness. Providing good elderly care by yourself or with the help of professionals stops them from feeling isolated and depressed. You help continue to provide them a community and a social life that will empower them and energize them. Gain insight into their values.

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