Teenager in South Korea

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My reason for applying to Georgia Tech’s Business Administration program is simple – it offers me the technological lens I’m looking for in many business programs I have searched for. I got my own associate degree in business from North Seattle College. From there, I learned the fundamental knowledge and skills of business theories, systems, and operations. I am continuing that journey by applying to Georgia Tech’s program with a little additional trick in my sleeve – the technological lens and the global approach that other universities do not offer.

It is common knowledge that the relationship between business and technology is mutual. Many entrepreneurial endeavors, especially start-ups, are often technology-based. A gaze upon the many start-ups, and most often than not, and they offer a technological service or product that is “unique” in the market. In addition, industries survive longer with the adoption of technology. There are only a handful of trades that don’t need technology or not affected by the big next thing – automation. Everything else, even businesses, can be replaced by technology in the near future. This is one reason why I chose Georgia tech – the approach of the university in its business program is efficient, analytical, and forward-looking. Technology, as I believed, is created and lives within the context of the market forces, and this is the perfect context I have been looking for. By combining the corporate field and technology, it senses to me that there is always something positive and progressive in all my goals and actions, especially in higher learning.

This may come as a first world problem to others, but I always feel the challenge of making friends. I’m not exactly a social butterfly, but I also don’t lock myself in my room for hours, let alone days. I’m the classic introvert who is very happy to spend a lot of alone time with myself or curled up with a book rather than do small talk or go to parties.

Even my parents, at first, were worried that something is wrong with me when I haven’t introduced them to my friends. Back in South Korea, I was in full introvert bloom, and as a growing teenager, I didn’t introduced my friends to my parents. I did so because I felt that they might get blamed when I was in the mood to be stubborn (and it happens all the time because I was your typical stubborn and surly teenager). When we relocated to the States, my parents made me sit down and emphasized that I should go out more often, and our house is not my prison. Even if I tell them that I’m perfectly well staying many hours at home, my own parents pushed me to have friends in our community and even egging me to bring friends just like a typical US teenager. I did put the effort and my back into it – seeing that making friends does pay off. Now, I’m still making friends and in the process of meeting more people. I do hope to meet more kindred spirits in many ways once I stepped into Georgia Tech.

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