“Being a Man” by Paul Theroux

It is widely accepted that men are authoritative and influential, even society expects men to represent themselves in this way. Likewise, In an essay \’ being a man\’ the author, Paul Theroux tries to draw attention that being a man is remarkably terrible with all the qualities, that society wants to see in a man. Therefore, In an essay, Theroux made several good points to define that the general idea of being a man in the whole humankind is pitiful.

One of the best points that Theroux made, when he says,\’ being manly is appalling\’ he highlights the expectations that society wants for \’being manly\’ is unfair. He utilizes his own example he could not admit that he wants to be a writer because based on society, \’writing was incompatible with being a man\’ ( Theroux 177). Thus, I acknowledge that all human beings should do whatever they love to do in their lives. As well as, If a man wants to be a writer, an artist, and want to dress up on their choice, they should be free to decide, but these qualities cannot determine as incompatibility with being a man.

The second best point that Theroux made, when he writes, “It is very hard to imagine any concept of manliness that does not belittle women, and it begins very early” (Theroux 177). I concur because it is considered truthful that women are weak and obedient. However, men always make certain that they are commanding, and women are inadequate and will require men for every moment of their lives. In other words, men use their masculinity to prove that they are better than women. Moreover, It is unbelievable that Theroux essay was written in 1985, but his points as it applies to \’manliness\’ are still present in the 21st century. For example, in our society, women are working in the same manner as men do, but they still do not have equal rights. They are getting lower pay despite the fact that they are as hard-working as men.

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