Behavioral Change Project

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Step 1: Set goals and identify rewards

On this assignment, I choose to focus on changing the way I eat the reason why I’m focusing on this topic is that diabetes runs in my family my mom, uncle, and grandfather has diabetes. We are focusing to change the way we eat I sat down with my family and told them that we need to start eating healthier. Also, I am wary about changing my eating routine since I have become used to eating or drinking similar sustenances, and this is a dread to take a stab at something new in light of the fact that I am accustomed to eating similar stuff. One of the initial moves toward vanquishing awful dietary patterns is giving careful consideration to what I’m eating and drinking.

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“Behavioral Change Project”

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Read sustenance marks, get comfortable with arrangements of fixings, and begin to pay attention to what I put in my mouth. When I turn out to be more mindful of what I’m eating, I begin to acknowledge how I have to enhance my eating regimen. I Plan to take a bit of fruit to class each day for a snack, stock up on grain and natural product for fast morning meals, and go to the rec center after my classes three times each week. To state I will work out additional,won’t encourage me. What will help is thinking about when and how you can fit it into your way of life. I will likely eat more vegetables, I need to reveal to myself I’ll attempt one new veggie every week until the point when I discover some I truly appreciate.

I search for simple approaches to include one all the more serving of vegetables to my eating regimen every week until the point that I achieve my objective. The reason why I haven’t change this behavior in the past because I wasn’t caring about my health or how and what I was eating, and then when I found out my mom had diabetes it made me think like what am I’m doing why I’m eating so bad like I had a whole new perspective on eating better.

Step 2: Assess your current behavior

Day1-2: On Monday at 7:50 am I want to the dining hall to eat breakfast I had grits and bacon with some orange juice. I sat with my friends and we were talking, everything around me was kinda slow because people looked tired. I was thinking about how I need to hurry up class starts at 8:00 am my mood was tired cause I woke up around 6:30 am. I ate a ?? bowl, 1 glass and two pieces of bacon. for lunch, I had rice with broccoli l and carrots with lemon water I went to lunch around 12:00 pm with my roommate the dining hall was a little noisy I was thinking about what was I going to do after I finish eating my food. I ate ?…“ of a plate and 1glass of lemon water. On day 2 Tuesday I woke up the same time this time I had oatmeal for breakfast with fruits and apple juice I ate a ?? bowl, 1 glass and 1 cup of fruits I want to lunch at 2:00 pm I had one slice of plan pizza with a cup of water.

Day 3-4: On Wednesday at 9:30 am I had a bowl of honey bunches of oats for breakfast, yogurt, and pineapple juice. This time I ate in my room because I went food shopping. I was thinking about going to sleep but I realized that I had a class in 10 minutes my mood was very lazy I didn’t feel like doing anything. I ate a ?? bowl of cereal, a bottle of juice and yogurt. For lunch I stayed in my room again I had leftover spinach pasta with broccoli and cranberry juice. On Thursday I skipped breakfast because I woke up too late but I ate lunch around 2:30 pm I had a salad with chicken breast and just a little bit of ranch dressing.

Day5: On Friday I only ate a bagel and cream cheese for lunch and for dinner I went to the dining hall with my friends to go eat I had cheddar broccoli soup with crackers and apple juice and for dessert, I had me a fruit parfait. Later on that day I decided to order wendy’s and I order an apple pecan chicken salad with pomegranate vinaigrette dressing.

Step 3: Redefine your goal and develop an action plan

My revised goal is to make better food choices and watch how I’m eating as like food portions. I will buy nourishments that come straightforwardly from nature and are insignificantly handled. This incorporates plants, natural products, meats, nuts, and so on. It bars things like refined grains and sugars, or nourishment that have fixings that I can’t articulate. Genuine sustenances areas near their normal state as could reasonably be expected.

Set goals

Reward yourself

Reward yourself: It is an incredible plan to compensate myself for accomplishing my objectives. It will give me something unmistakable to anticipate. It is ideal if the reward is something I just get in the event that I finish my objective. I will make sure I won’t use my reward as a cheat day to get myself fast food, I’ll actually be wise I will use my reward to spend extra time with my friends, a hobby that I wanted to do or an activity that keeps me active.

Set goals: measurable my objective should answer addresses like how much and what number of. This will enable me to measure my advancement toward my objective. Attainable I need to pick an objective that I can accomplish. Begin with little changes. I can generally change my objective later to make it harder. Rewarding The objective should make me feel great when I accomplish it. On the off chance that I think my objective is advantageous, I will be bound to succeed. my objectives ought to be set by me and not by another person. Timely Give myself a time period to achieve my objectives. I may set a momentary objective.




Termination: The general purpose of acing the craft of conduct change is to make the life based on your most astounding personal preference. Effectively coordinating a picked way of life change is a reasonable sign that you have what it takes to do that. Search for new ways you can use those aptitudes. Investigate how you may utilize the quality, self-information, and shrewdness you’ve picked up to attempt new zones of test or learning and to be of administration and support to other people.

Preparation: Preparation organize are preparing to make a move. They are more definitive, certain and submitted; they’re building up an arrangement and may have officially made little strides. Now, the stars of rolling out the improvement unmistakably exceed the cons, however, there’s some work to be done before the significant move can make put.

Action: Search for approaches to recognize your continuous endeavors, to address new obstructions as they rise, and to remunerate yourself for even little victories, she prompts. Snappy course amendments and encouraging feedback will enable you to remain submitted and persuaded.

Step 4: Implement your behavior change plan

Day 1-2: 10/2 3:00 pm In spite of the fact that perceiving exercise as an imperative sign is a positive development for solid conduct change, there is still work to be finished. I had to keep reminding myself that I can’t eat certain things, my friend Niecy decided to go on this journey with me and together we kept each other motivated. We had a set schedule on when we would go to the gym so every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm we were in the gym. 10/5 4:00 pm after I was done with class I went to Niecy room and we made a list on what should we eat and not eat. It was hard for me to give up the foods that I loved but knew doing this thing would benefit me in the future.

Day3-4: 10/10 6:00 am one approach to draw in people in enhancing their well-being is to demonstrate to them how solid conduct changes can be significant supporters of averting or postponing the beginning of an infection or individual damage. Today I got up super early brush my teeth and went for a morning run with Niecy it was so refreshing I think going for a run is better than going to the gym. Later on that, we didn’t go to the gym but we maintain to exercise in our room. 10/11 5:00 pm I was taking a nap and I heard a knock on the door it was Niecy she was telling me to get up so we can go to the gym then go eat. I wasn’t feeling it I just wanted to stay in my bed and go to sleep I felt lazy, but I had to remember that I should never give up so I got up and went to the gym.

Day5: 10/12 12:00 am me and Niecy went for a midnight walk to quick check. She attempted to buy junk food and I told her no because if your on this journey with me then you have to follow the rules I also told her how she made that list but didn’t follow the list rules we said no junk food. so I made her buy grapes, crackers, and cheese. then when we came back from quick check we went for a midnight run.

Step 5: Evaluate your progress

Yes, I did reach the goals I had to concentrate on little strides to receive more beneficial, deep-rooted propensities. Remember that everyday decisions impact whether you keep up imperativeness while you age or create wellbeing conditions. Change may appear to be intense at first, yet with help, assurance and these tips, you can be beautiful. It made me feel accomplished that I reached my goals because I was on the edge of giving up but I knew that I could do it so I continued until I got to the finish line and I did a great job. The difference that I noticed in my life as I lost a little weight and I was eating much healthier than before, I track down the stuff I’m eating I write it in my little journal. I go to the gym every 3days a week and when I go up the stairs I don’t get tired. I think I’ll be able to maintain this change even though it was hard because I had to give up the foods I normally eat I use to eat fast food every 2 weeks but now I barely eat fast food I really loved popeyes but now I can’t stand it I hate the same of it.

My plan is still ongoing I go to the gym every day after class I maintain to eat healthier I pick better choices of food I’m still working on getting up every morning to go running but I will change that. I will this process will be going on for another month because I love the result that I have this project made me have a better perspective on eating better I sit back and think wow I was really eating this food that isn’t really food it was just really nasty I actually watch a video on how they made hotdogs and that was very disgusting. The thing that changed in my life was exercising more, when I was younger I never use to want to exercise I didn’t even participate in gym class because I was too lazy to do the activities and my gym teacher told me if I don’t participate I was going to fail the class in my head I was like nobody feels gym class but I got serious because I use to get tired after going up one flight of stairs. Yes, I felt like I reached my goals but I knew I could’ve done better, in the future I would like to continue this so when I get a family over my own they could do this too.

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