Several Health and Behavioral Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

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There are several health and behavioral symptoms of sleep deprivation. Obesity is one of the leading consequenses of sleep deprivation. Sleep helps the human body seperate the good fat from the bad fat that was consumed throughout the day. For example, we all go through stress such as teens having homework, jobs, and other distractions. However, what if you found out that stress can be reduced? One of the easiest and most effective method is just sleeping which our body requires to sleep to function and without it we can’t focus in class because the loss of sleep. Sleep deprivation is very common, and in order to understand sleep deprivation you need to know the causes, symptoms, and treatments.

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“Several Health and Behavioral Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation”

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School, parents, and health problems are three of the many causes of sleep deprivation. Owen and her colleagues conducted a study and stated. Anecdotally, a lot of students said they felt better with the extra hour of sleep they got in the morning and that motivated them to go to bed earlier as well. With this evidence it goes to show that students who get extra hours of sleep enjoy it and tend to do better in school when having extra sleep because they are more alert. In the article (Pediatric Insider) the author explains parents should keep bedrooms, mealtimes, and parent- child playtime screen free. Therefore parents should contribute to earlier bedtimes for their kids and making sure their not watching a screen for long. One of the goals of Terri Luckenhill, health services coordinator for Decatur schools, is to eliminate health- related barriers to learning. In other words, health issues can be an impact of sleep deprivation and be an effect in learning. With all these causes it can lead to many different things but there are ways sleep deprivation can be prevented.

With these many causes of sleep deprivation teens staying up late is also one of them. There were, however some expectations. Teenagers who frequently played video games right before bed tended to have significantly later bedtimes, regardless of chronotype. This might have to do with the nature of video game playing, such that adolescents might perservere in playing games late into the night instead of going to bed. (Stickgold Robert) Sleep on it. Moreover when teens play video games they tend to fall asleep later and make it a habit. So perhaps these bedtime activities are not directly replacing sleep time. Rather, adolescents are engaging in behaviors such as watching television to pass the time in the evenings when they feel alert, until they are ready to fall asleep. This is to say teens get caught watching television for too long which causes the lack of sleep because of the distraction that thev delevision has. In addition to school times, teens behavior before bed could also matter. In recent research years, more and more teens have regular access to portable technologies such as smartphones, tables, and laptop computers. Some studies linked the use of these technologies with negative outcomes of sleep. With this evidence it now goes to show with the ability of teens having more access to technology it contributes to them falling asleep later which becomes a negative outcome because it effects their day because they didn’t revieve the correct amount of sleep that is needed and will then effect their health. Staying up late isn’t only effective towards your day but can be effective towards your health.

Loosing sleep is a very common thing nowadays due to teens not wanting to go to bed and this can effect your body’s sleep schedule and become an effect to the rest of your body. Without sufficient amount of sleep, our behavior and our ability to do things are impaired. It can also have a huge affect on work ethics and focus.(Homeroom Zombies) Dr. Cora Breuner, professor of pediatrics and adolescent medicine. This can motive fatigue, daylight sleepiness, clumsiness, weight loss or weight gain, giving it a addiction on how one functions day to day basis. Sleep deprivation could be caused by several elements, such as stresses of daily life, choosing to work or play over sleeping. Teens who constantly lose sleep usually expierience a lower performance and changes in mood. Which this has alot to do with why teens are moody because they frequently do not get enough sleep and it then becomes a habit and the mental effects become more serious. Some may question weather this sleep can be made up on the weekends or later throughout the day.

It is very common for teens to assume they can catch on sleep but in fact sleep is not something you can fill up and then change the schedule to going with days to little or no sleep or sleeping too long. Which the human body needs a certain amount of sleep everyday for it to sunction effectively. If a person does not sleep over a long period of time, many important parts of the brain stop operating properly and start to affect other parts of the body functions. Long loss of sleep can cause these functions to become permanently effective.

It is important for people to realize that sleep deprivation is a growing problem and that can it can be serious to health and medical problems. Many people tend to take this lightly and not pay much attention to how much they are sleeping. Many researchers are being conducted to look further into the causes and consequences of sleep deprivation and it is important that we are aware of the threats that it can cause for an average person.

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