Narration that ‘The Vaccine Causes Autism’ Led to Fear and Panic Regarding the Vaccination of Children Infants against Dangerous Diseases

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It seems that there are many who cling to the cultural heritage and insist on adopting it as a justification for all their ideas that are out of the ordinary, such as saying that biological vaccines cause autism spectrum in children.

In an article published in the American ‘Psychology Today’ magazine, Dr. Stephen Kamarata, a doctor in the field of child development and unrest, discussed the widespread fallacies about the autism spectrum and how it develops in children, and sought to refute it with compelling scientific and logical evidence that would break with these false beliefs forever.

As a doctor who devotes his time to serving autistic people and their families, Kamaratta expressed his consternation as soon as Dr. Mark Green (a member of the US Congress) published, a narration that ‘the vaccine causes autism’, which has led to the reinforcement of a sense of fear and panic regarding the vaccination of children Infants against dangerous diseases. Disgraceful comments show why it is so difficult to remove and dispose of these lies.

The author mentioned that there is an incontrovertible critical truth about the belief that ‘the vaccine causes autism’, namely that ‘these myths are based primarily on research with fraudulent ends.’

A research published in the prestigious scientific journal The Lancet in 1998, supervised by researcher Andrew Wakefield, showed that eight out of 12 children included in the research showed behavioral disorders in conjunction with receiving vaccinations against diseases such as measles and rubella, according to the accounts of their parents.

In 2010, editors of the magazine retracted from the previous article and published a new article in which it was reported that many of the information published by Wakefield and other researchers in 1998 was incorrect. In short, the research titled ‘Vaccine Causes Autism’ is falsified, simple and ordinary.

The author pointed out that the adoption of the research ‘The vaccine causes autism’ to only 12 children is considered ridiculous. Whereas, refuting such lies requires studies involving millions of children.

An important challenge for doctors, scientists and public health officials is to know the actual cause of autism (Reuters)

Currently, there are numerous comprehensive scientific reviews – which combine public health institution data and scientific studies in the United States and several other countries – that show that vaccines do not cause autism.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that disproves this prevailing belief, many people, and some doctors, continue to believe in this belief.

Dr. Kamarata explained that an important challenge for doctors, scientists and public health officials is to know the actual cause of autism. In this sense, rumors that vaccines cause autism raise feelings of discomfort and reassurance in the hearts of parents.

The writer stressed that not knowing the causes that lead to autism creates a great void, which leads people to fill it with the ‘certainty’ provided by information stemming from research such as Dr. Green’s research, which stated that the vaccine causes autism. Greene believes that the conspiracy theory woven by major pharmaceutical companies, as well as the federal government, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the media, are seeking to form a gang that will obscure this fact.

The writer noted that it is useful to look at autism similarly to Down syndrome before seeking to discover its causes. It is worth noting that Dr. Down reported the occurrence of this syndrome for the first time during the year 1866. For 100 years, doctors had to listen to parents ’questions about the causes of Down syndrome, but they simply answered that they simply did not know this, before they came to discover that its cause was an additional copy. Of chromosome 21 in 1959.

Kamarata: The belief that ‘the vaccine causes autism’ will remain a lie that never dies (European)

The author states that the world faces the same thing with autism, which was discovered during the year 1943 by psychiatrist Liu Kanner. But he hopes that scientists will not take long to determine the causes of the autism spectrum.

The writer added that it is good to study the reasons suggested for researching Down syndrome before discovering the real cause during the year 1959. For example, some people saw that ‘uterine contraction’ was one of the main causes of this syndrome, while some went on to say that there are viral and environmental causes For this disease.

It is easy to imagine that these ‘well-intentioned’ experts published false information and pushed people to believe it even though it was unfounded, similar to the ‘vaccine-causing autism’ theory popularized today.

Dr. Kamarata concluded that vaccines do not cause autism, and that they sometimes prevent deadly diseases. Until the causes of the autism spectrum were discovered, it became clear that the belief that ‘the vaccine causes autism’ would remain a lie that never dies.

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