Are Suicide Bombers Suicidal?

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Suicide bombers kill themselves everyday for unexplainable reasons it seems like. Is that really what is going on though? Actually it's not there's a lot more going on then people think. They don't just do it because it's fun most of the time they do it for their culture or religion and other cases they do it for unexplainable reasons. Most believe that god has sent them on a mission; they are doing it hoping for a happy afterlife and a reward for their actions when they get to heaven. Their belief is that when they blow themselves up in a crowd of people they are making themselves martyrs and forging their gateway to heaven.

There are a lot of other reasons other than just religion going in to suicide bombing though. Some people could even do it just for a way out, like if they just didn't want to live anymore. Other theorists stress the idea that becoming a terrorist or suicide bomber is largely a matter of socialization. In some cases, those personally frustrated by their life circumstances may become angry with those they view as the source of their problems. According to Jessica Stern. (Suicide bombers). It's a lot more going on then what people think i mean it's not just a bunch of people running around blowing themselves and other people up just for the heck of it they actually have reasoning and culture behind most of it. If that's what they believe is right then no one is holding them back. Virtually all suicide bombings are linked to political causes or grievances (James Kiras).

The terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, for example. 19 terrorists hijacked planes from the united states and flew them into the world trade center building and attempted to fly into the second world trade center building and the pentagon. This attack left many americans wondering why these Suicide bombers why they would do something like this just out of the blue. They wanted to hurt the united states both politically because if they would have carried out their action they would've destroyed both trade in the united states and leadership then who knows what would have happened. Suicidal violence involves three levels of analysis: individual motivations, organizational strategies, and societal conflicts. Using rationalist, culturalist, and structuralist approaches to contentious politics, this article explores the intersection of rationality, norms, and conflict in the making of extreme violence (Mohammed M. Hafez).

Suicide bombers are unlike any other people in the world I don't know whether to call them brave or call them cowards. I don't think anybody will ever know the reason for every suicide bombing. Some will be be cultural and other's political but their could be many reasons not just one. Honestly I don't know if i would have the balls to go out their and blow myself up along with other innocent people even if i did think that i would be getting rewarded when i got to heaven. What exactly goes through these peoples minds? While nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer, nothing is more difficult than to understand him (Fyodor Dostoevsky). I never will understand these people but I hope somebody will be able to someday.

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