What is Schizophrenia?

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Schizophrenia is a condition characterized by hallucinations and imaginations of battling inner forces that seems to work against an individual. The state often inhibits the emotional stability of an individual and the ability to think clearly. Initially, the psychological approach to managing such conditions associated drug abuse was often a hard task. In most of the cases, patients only ended up being treated for substance addiction and not schizophrenia. Identifying the single impact of every situation was considerably difficult. Most of the individuals diagnosed with such conditions often had a hard time recovering from their conditions. However with the advancement of research and technological know-how, such Psychological conditions can, therefore, be attended to more accurately. An evaluation into the lifestyles of those affected with the condition indicates they experience a situation referred to as psychosis which involves loss of contact with the reality.

The perception and response to the environment become so weak a situation that often affects their relationship with family members and neighbors they interact (Bowie, McGurk, Mausbach, Patterson & Harvey 2012). Hallucinations and delusions form part of their lifestyle leading to a retraction into more private life without friends. In such a scenario individuals may be negatively affected due to lack of appropriate care. The condition may vary leading to different results in different people. According to the American Psychological Association, the psychotic disorders may be generalized as schizophrenia spectrum disorders. Schizophrenia dominates the list of psychotic disorders in prevalence across several groups of people (Carra et al., 2012). A high level of relationship exists between the conditions with one condition treatable through the management of another. The group diagnosed with the condition often needs medical and emotional care mainly due to the numerous attempts of suicide among the group.

Efforts to accurately understand the nature and the cause of the conditions realized various concerns on the environment and prevalence of the disease (Meesters et al., 2012). For instance, in comparison to the incidence among the social classes, schizophrenia is relatively prevalent among the lower socioeconomic quality as compared to the higher economic class of people. Speculations, therefore, indicate the levels of stress and depression as some of the leading causes of the condition (Meesters et al., 2012).

A prevalence assessment of the condition in men and women indicates there is a fair share of the condition prevalence except that men may experience the symptoms at a lower age as compared to women. Some of the setbacks suffered while assisting those with Schizophrenia include the dual condition of the disorder and substance addiction. Symptoms may include difficulty in speech, poor thinking, hallucinations and lower levels of concentration. Research indicates the causes may relate to the disorders in auditory nerves within the brain that creates sounds unexpectedly. The result is the imagination of an outside force. To treat the condition, individuals are subjected to medical treatments.

Some of the very successful management of the situations involving rehearsing the individuals to understand themselves (Bowie et al., 2012) Eleanor gives credit to all those surrounding her for the critical support given to her In conclusion, the condition is manageable through mixed efforts of medical treatment and counseling. Through appropriate care, individuals may learn to recognize and cope with their disease. Dealing with the state involves realizing that the voices come from within and not outward invisible beings.

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