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Bullying is a complex social phenomenon that crosses age, ethnicity, and national boundaries. bullying tends to involve a bully, a victim, and other individuals in a variety of roles that can take the form of an active presence (e.g., bully assistant or victim defender), a passive presence (e.g., bystander), or even a perceived presence (e.g., peer attitudes). Interestingly, these roles tend to be dynamic in that it is not uncommon for an individual to take on different roles from one situation to the next. This special issue of Social Influence, dedicated to bullying, responds to some of these unknowns by including a broad range of conceptual and empirical articles describing how social influences are related to the attitudes and/or behaviors of those who take on various roles in a bullying situation (Espelage & Swearer, 2003).

Adolescence is a process of growth that involves identity creation. When this developmental process is disrupted by bullying, teenagers tend to feel anxious and stressed. Usually, they do not know how to handle the pressure and as a result serious school violence can erupt. It is necessary to explain the detrimental effects of bullying in order to prevent deaths and tragedies at schools. Background Bullying is teasing and harassing repeatedly and nowadays, has become a major reason why some teenagers feel that to kill their peers, themselves, or both is the solution to their problems. For adolescents who are in the process of forming their personalities, stressful bullying is reason enough to make them change their perceptions about life and death. Suddenly, there is no difference between living and dying.

Bullying and cyber-bullying are issues that have plagued schools for quite a long time. I chose this Anti-bullying movement because Anti-bullying laws are one prevention strategy that can change social norms. Bullying affects the ability for students to learn in an effective manner. Students need to feel safe and secure physically, emotionally and socially before learning can occur. Bullying actions by peers in and outside of the school environment can negatively affect student’s abilities to learn. Therefore, it is vital that the schools implement a comprehensive anti-bully program/movement that is effective. Bullying is not an issue new to public schools; however, more attention is being paid to the increase deadly and highly publicized events.

The specific issue on the paper is the focus of the factors causing movement emergence/continuing activity/decline. In doing this research paper, the research question that would be most suitably appropriate would be “Is there a link between childhood/adolescent bullying behavior and anti-social behavior in later years?”. The hypothesis question being posed is “does the effect of bullying last up to college level”? The hypothesis for the study was that bullying effects are experienced by victims even after the go to higher levels of education or change their environment. The other hypothesis was that bullying decreases as students advance to higher levels of education.

This research paper will consist of a secondary analysis. In order to identify an effective descriptive from the study, I collected the imperative information via newspapers and internet sites that was needed to conduct the survey on students. The study was for persons whom were never a victim of bullying or cyberbullying and those who bullied others to validate the effects of psychological distress of those who were victims of bullying. The nature of the data that will be utilized from the different necessary sources. For the evidence to be provided, will be watching several past documentaries and try to aim for different questions from the ones that they never mentioned in the film pertaining to the movement, peer-reviewed journal articles and internet sites and newspapers.

Social movements need organizations first and foremost. Organizations can acquire and then deploy resources to achieve their well-defined goals. Some versions of this theory see movements operate like capitalist enterprises that make efficient use of available resources. Once I found my method of data, the theory that I have chosen from the social movement theories is resource mobilization.

The findings that I have gathered, confirmed the hypothesis that was proposed. This research paper has studied the cyberbullying effects on today’s youth and preventive measures against online-stalking. The purpose of the current study was to determine what kind of problems children/teenager can face as well as show potential ways of reducing cyberbullying. This study has found that generally, cyberbullying and bullying in general can lead to mental health problems, they are suicide, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, low academic achievement. Also, the study has observed that schools should use policy to discipline students for bullying actions, educate the students on anti-bullying ethics and it is necessary the parent’s control at home. People cannot stop the advance of technology nor other people's actions, instead it means that people should monitor new media and everyone in their surroundings. An effective step is to develop awareness among adults. A lot of adults of the current parental generation don’t know the complicated potential of cell phones and the internet, to the same extent as young people.

The current study also shows that it is essential to involve online-stalking explicitly in school ?nti-bullying policies and anti-bullying materials, and in teacher educating materials for ?nti-bullying work; also give guidance for parents, and guidance for teenager/children. While s?me traditional methods for preventing bullying may be helpful for cyberbullying too (such as curriculum work, and peer support), some more specific interventions will be useful, including how to contact cell phone companies and internet service providers, and legal rights in these matters. Guidelines on dealing with abuse of mobile phones, the internet and modern technologies, and coping with cyberbullying or bullying in the simplest form, are now becoming available. Future research can continue to inform the realization of these measures. The present study confirms previous findings and contributes additional evidence that suggests there is no need to create laws against online-attack. The study explained that problems are not decided by punishment, but with understanding the children or teenagers. As written above, most results of the study concur with those of previous studies.

However, some findings distinguished between bullying on the Internet and through text messaging, in contrast with this paper. And other studies varied from current paper in terms of the age of the respondents. It is, therefore, troublesome to correlate the results with the results of other studies, because the age of the adolescence and the surveys were not fully comparable. Thus, it highlights the requirement for schools to prosper awareness programs and provide informational resources for parent, teachers, administrators and students involved. Perhaps, extra research will study the effectiveness of such educational programs, which will control the developing worry that could leave the life-long scars and even deadly consequences for child. Today’s generation totally relied on the Internet: mobile phones, laptop or other types of technological entertainment.

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