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Anti-aircraft is used particularly in defense against aircraft or intended in attacking aircraft. According to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), anti-aircraft is planned to nullify or decrease the usefulness of unfriendly air action. Anti-air composed of the ground as well as air-based gun systems, beam systems, and barrage balloons.

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Anti aircraft has the great rate of fire as well as able to fire bullets that are designed to harm aircraft. In addition, it has the ability to fire at a very high angel, however, it usually hit the surface target in a direct fire. The paper will examine anti-aircraft.

History of anti-aircraft

The development of anti-aircraft started in 1910 when aircraft first became active firearm. In First World Warfare, field cannons parts of around 90 millimeters were changed to anti-aircraft use through mounting (Pietrasie?„ski 50). This enabled people to fire aircraftsvertically.


Focusing methods were not enough, but in the inter-war periods, development was made in a progress of radar locators, spotlights and gun resting methods.


This was meant to assist cannons parts to fast targets presented through the air crafts.

Picture of 90 millimeters field artillery


During the second world wars, fast firing as well automatic anti-aircraft weapon were presented. Whereby radar was designed to target trailing and small radio waves that exploded the missiles or airplanes.


This is because, it come close to the target against low-level round air craft.


In 1953, America introduced sky sweeper. It was a 75mm instinctive cannon firing 45 bullets in a minute, aimed as well as fired by its own locator computer system.


It was phased out in the 1960s. Radar automatic then continued to give defense against low aircrafts.

Tactics of an anti-aircraft

Mobility is one of the good examples of tactics used in current air defense systems. Most of the anti-aircraft are fairly mobile.


Also, the greater systems are attached on trailers in order to be fairly rapidly broken down or else set up


Another tactic is effectiveness. Anti-aircraft are designed are very effecting at killing or destroying aircraft enemies.

Types of Antiaircraft Guns

They are categorized into two, light and heavy guns.

Heavy anti-aircraft

Heavy anti-aircraft weapons are fired large shells to areas of high is aimed at destroying aircraft with rain shrapnel.

Image of heavy anti-aircraft

Light antiaircraft weapon

Light antiaircraft weapons are intended to hit aircraft at very short ranges.

Images of light anti air craft


ZU-23-2 is another type of antiaircraft weapon. It is a multi- faceted anti- plane platform which can mounted on wheeled as well as tracked vehicles if compulsory (Routledge 20).

Image of ZU-23-2


Anti-aircraft is concerned with protection against air attack by aircrafts. Although anti-aircraft are effective in reducing attacks of air crafts, it has limitations. One of the limitations against attacking aircraft is the limitation. Some of the aircraft guns are unable to reach higher altitudes.


Even the heaviest antiaircraft gun cannot reach the operating altitudes of the current attack aircraft using GOS. Therefore, anti aircraft are important especially in destroying aircraft.


Routledge, N. W. (1994). Anti-aircraft artillery, 1914-55 (Vol. 4). Brassey’s (UK).

Pietrasie„ski, J., Rodzik, D., Grzywi„ski, S., & Miernik, J. (2017). Proving Ground Testing of an Anti-Aircraft Artillery Evaluation System. Problemy Mechatroniki: uzbrojenie, lotnictwo, in ?nieria bezpiecze„stwa, 8.

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