Should Gender Identity be Added to Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws

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Few people are in favor of adding gender identity to Anti-Discrimination Law (ADL) as I do. By adding gender identity to ADL, it helps at least LGBT people to live calmly, helps our entire community to develop and protect people from prejudice, which helps everybody to treat equally.

As the phrase “gender identity” defined as “ An individual’s self- perception or inner sense of being a man, a male, a woman, a female, both, neither, butch, femme, two-spirit, bigender, or another configuration of gender” the term “gender identity” should added to the anti-discrimination law. Anti-discrimination law refers to treat everybody equally no matter what gender they are. There are so many prejudices happening secretly in our everyday life. For instance, “The National Transgender Discrimination showed that 26% of trans people lost a job due to bias, 50% were harassed on the job, 20% were evicted or denied housing, and 78% of trans students were harassed or assaulted. But we do not know unless it is reported on the newspaper.

There are over 1000 companies, institutes that aim to protect people from unfair attitude that because of their gender identity. Secondly, I think all of them do not do their work efficiently. They is still sexual assault, and prejudice happening in our daily life because there is any law to blame people whoever is doing that. For ex, last April, one transgender woman was shopping for clothes but the store assistant won’t want her to use the changing room because they said it was only for “women’s”. I believe that this kind of tendency will decrease at least by 20 percent by adding gender identity part to Anti-discrimination law.

As one statistic that reported in Chinese newspaper, that mentions shops that have specific gender identity criterion, leads to increase unemployment for all genders. It will be considered as a Discrimination in the Workplace. So adding gender identity to law will help our entire community to develop. Also we need to upgrade our society’s moral value and thinking for gender equality. We should not ignore gender identity also should include transgender equality. Transgender people should be given equal opportunities of education, work and also a transgender category should then be included in all government or non-government forms. This will make our society more transparent. Also people do not have to hide their self from the society. We should also remember if gender identity becomes an anti-discrimination law then infant mortality or rather female morality rate will decrease in our society. Even female literacy rate will increase. Everyone then female, male or transgender will take equal responsibility in development of our society. By, adding gender identity to ADL will then increase employment opportunities which will enhance our economy therefore we can look forward to overall development of our society. (own opinion)

Fourthly, If I put myself inside/instead of them, I will never feel happy. We are all human beings. There is a quote that Jon Gordon said that “One word can change one’s life”. Everybody is different, some of them are too sensitive to hear or receive that kind of attitude from others, at least LGBT teens. If they feel harassment or prejudice from others it may lead them to feel sad or suicide. Suicide rate and suicidal tendencies among transgender persons are considered as a high rate compared to the general population. The suicide rate among transgender individuals in India is about 31%, and 50% of them have attempted suicide at least once before their 20th birthday and 40–50 persons commit suicide every year in Karnataka state alone. However, the exact prevalence of completed suicide among transgender persons remain undocumented, the gender-based discrimination has prevented them by obtaining education, livelihood, and housing because of which they are living in slums and have to resort to begging and sex work, this pitiful conditions lead them to breakdown further and end their life in suicide. Due to transgender people that facing hardships throughout his lifetime, the transgender community holds almost entire numbers of suicide, this community needs to supported and protected before it reaches beyond limit.

Fifthly, I would like to mention about in Family discrimination(carer and parental status) rather than community discrimination in this part. For example, in my country, Mongolia, there are many discrimination happening in their own little family. Not only in Mongolia, it includes all countries in the world. Boys in family have to learn and girls are not HAVE TO. Parents said that girls have less power so they don’t have to do hard works but boys have a power so they have to etc. Also for the parents, there is a “sense of intimacy” that always happens fathers always have responsibility to protect and mothers will only take care of them and prepare their foods. By adding gender identity to anti-discrimination law, I believe that it will change their tendency and attitude to communication between parents and children’s.

From the other side of the society, if the term “gender identity” added to the anti-anti-discrimination law that will allow men and women to severe psychological abnormalities, some of which are prone to narcissistic anger and revenge to use the right to prosecute business owners seeking to protect the privacy of clients. Such legislation is designed to give legal protections to those who reject the sex they were born and want to be publicly accepted the other sex’s like “transsexuals and transgender” etc. They deceive themselves, deceive others, and are being deceived by mental health professionals and surgeons. The public is being deceived by the media and activists into believing that so-called ‘transsexuals’ were born with biological problems that are remedied by surgery and that it is possible to change your sex. No one can change their sex, because it is written in our DNA structure. So, if gender identity added to the legislation is would be the biggest factor deceive others, also it will be bad influence for our next generation.

All in all, there are many benefits of adding gender identity to anti-discrimination law. At least it gives opportunity to LGBT people to live calmly and change entire community’s tendency. Prejudice and harassment, Discrimination is Workplace is happening secretly almost an entire century. Also there are many companies that towards for anti-discrimination but they didn’t do any effective things and nothing changed overall. However, there is prejudice happening because there any effective law to punish them, or effective factor to stop discrimination, thus the term “gender identity” should be added to the anti-discrimination law. It reduces family discrimination rather than only community discrimination too.

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