An Question of Academic Integrity

From many years collages have face cheating and plagiarism issues all over Canada and mostly collages were not able to decide that how should we take this because collages did their best to make the students understand the subjects but many students were bond to cheating , they did not want to work hard and succeed in spite of that they wanted to copy other students work. Many institutes faced these types of problems and all this led to the making of Academic Integrity

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“An Question of Academic Integrity”

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Academic Integrity is the moral code or ethical policy of academia. This includes values such as avoidance of cheating or plagiarism; maintenance of academic standards; honesty and rigor in research and academic publishing.
Many collages, school and universities have been enforcing this on their students and this plays an important role in students life and it also nourishes the reputation of that respective institute. These rules and regulations try to make an impression on students mind that cheating is not good for them and all that strictness also gives them a sense of fear that pulled them away from copying other students work and it not only helps the student who cheats but it also gives the student a lesson who makes him cheat because the rules are same for both the people who cheats and also for who makes him cheat.

After all this restrictions and rules, the fundamental academic work you will do will reflect youre your responsible behavior and honesty. And occasionally you will fell. Overwhelmed by the amount of work you need to accomplish, it may give you a lot amount of stress because sometimes you have to submit many assignments at a time but after all the work will be done by your own knowledge then you will feel confident about the work you did and it will pay you sooner or later because knowledge is one thing that will always help you. Its always for you own good

One of the disadvantages of Academic Integrity is that it requires the comprehensive support of management to be effective. If the members of the management decide to apply their own version of ethics to the way they manage their subjects, then the clash of principles can cause confusion in the schools. For example, a teacher decides to give marks to the person who is plagiarizing others work then it is a harm or if she is not stopping the student who is cheating in the test then it is unfair to other students and also to the career of the student who is cheating. These kinds of things happen to undermine the whole system.

The other disadvantage of this is that developing, implementing and maintaining an ethics compliance program within your organization can be expensive and time-consuming. Ethics policies need to be continually updated to reflect the changes in the collage laws and changes in your company culture as the organization.

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