Academic Dishonesty and Integrity (essay)

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Academic integrity is an effective way to improve the education system. All instructors and students have to have knowledge and necessary tools to recognize any risks of dishonesty. We need to build strong integrity in not only in our institution or university, but also in our community. Educating students today is very important because students will be our leaders tomorrow. Students must be educated so that they can actively learn by themselves. Marilyn stated, “Students develop academic honesty when you build their moral vocabulary, respond appropriately to cheating, use meaningful quotes, and inspire them to believe in themselves.” Schools and family should prepare young people with necessary skills that they need for their success. In many circumstances, students go to school without strong moral judgment. It’s very important to teach our children all the basis of social behaviors as well as appropriate actions. We are not born to resist corruption. In order to improve integrity among students, we need to deliver inner honesty, mutual respect, and courage. Marilyn also said, “When students learn integrity in classroom settings, it helps them apply similar principles to other aspects of their lives.” Thing changes all the time, and academy are trying to keep education up to date. However, we are paying less attention to student’s behaviors and ethical standards. Academic integrity helps institution to build strong social harmony and interactions. Instructor should build integrity directly inside classroom and connect it into student’s culture. This is not an easy steps, but building takes time. An integrity must be established as soon as possible.

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“Academic Dishonesty and Integrity (essay)”

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Dishonesty may come from many actions and even from thought. Cheating is the way that student try to get a good grade without learning. It’s very dangerous. When cheating occurs, it created unfair environment in academic learning. Also, student will study nothing at the end of the semesters or quarters. Today, more and more students are cheating although they know that is wrong and harmful. Students often cheats because they are under pressure of getting good grades and meeting expectation from their family. Sometimes, students are so lazy to study. And finally, because cheating is very easy. If cheating continues, it causes serious consequences. Academic dishonesty brings unfair award and honor to all other students. Students implement strategies to win the system. What you win is not an actual achievement, it’s an illusion. In addition, cheated students create a mistrust in everyone. For instance, after I cheated, my classmates and my professor didn’t trust me anymore. Everything I say from now will be consider carefully. I feel like I am a lier to others. Moreover, cheating decreases the meaning of educational value. Cheated people graduate without truly educated. Students get their diploma, but they know nothing from school. It hurts our generation and future career. Thus, we need to consider the result of academic dishonest actions cautiously because of its serious outcome.

My personal career development may be stunted because of my academic dishonesty because of probation. I was put in a state where I need to show my improvement. If I get involved in any other academic dishonest actions, I will be fired out of school and my career is end immediately. So, in order to make my personal carer’s run smoothly, I shall not cheat on my exam, and I should not cheat again in the future. On the other hand, I have no knowledge when I cheat. When I go to an interview, I don’t know what to say technically. I cannot find any job without learning. If I go to work, I don’t have any necessary skills to do my job. I may get fired and my career will end.

Although academic dishonesty can give me good grade, I actually get into troubles. It destroyed all my previous efforts during the semester. I tried so hard to do my homeworks, finish all the extra credits, and attend my tests. But only one illegal action took away my results and careers. I learned that it’s more important to follow the academic rules and accept my failure sometimes. I thought that a few sentences can help me get an A in class, but the consequences is opposite. I got an F in my course and I was put in probation period. I have to retake my class and talk to my counselor. It waste my time and I am stressful. An F grade will remain in my record and it hurts me when I try to apply for job later. I also need to take time to write this essay. My friend think that I don’t have ability to study and I am a dishonest person. Overall, I don’t feel happy because of what I have done.

What I need to do right now is accept that I cheated and take actions to avoid bad thing in the future. For examples, I should read the academic rules very carefully and make sure that I understand all the rules. Next, I must focus on studying and work harder instead of thinking about the way to get good grade. Because getting a best grade does not mean that I am a good student. Actively learning is the best way to avoid any future issues. Putting myself in an ethical dilemma make me stressful and waste my time. I can use those time to do a lot of useful stuffs. I need to hold back my greedy and do what I already knew. I should not just look at the grade and success in the way that I see. I must study more and more so that I deserve for my excellent grade. Making a discussion with my professor is also a way to improve myself. Sometimes, thing goes wrong, but a meaningful conversation can make my mood better. I need to strongly believe in myself that I can be successful with my learning ability. My passion and knowledge will bring me back to the trail and help me graduate.  

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