Above the Bare Article

According to the layout of the information relayed on Above The Bare article, it is probable that the intent of the author could have been enlightening entrepreneurs and corporate managers on key parameters constituting to the growth of organizations. Besides, the author has not neglected the human resource but rather opts to offer an insight into wages evaluation as compared to living standards.

In other words, the article aims at presenting the mutual co-existence between management and employees and its importance in improving production.

The article “Above The Bare” has provided varied aspects involved in effective managerial skills deemed to motivate employees in order to achieve set targets. Marina Krakovsky has exemplified the mandate of corporate organizations towards workers in regards to wages distribution. In addition, the article has further articulated the possible repercussions speculated to affect an organization either positively or negatively. On the other hand, the human resource has also been put into the limelight as to how organizations perceive and act upon their welfare (Krakovsky, 30-36).

The commentary in the article could be of great assistance to upcoming managers in a number of ways. First and foremost, the article has clarified on the challenges employees endure during their service periods struggling with rising living standards and unsustainable wages. In addition, managers could learn to build strong relationships with employees by considering their opinions while trying to comply with minimum-wage laws. The impacts accrued from implementing such practices have also been highlighted and definitely, managers would greatly want to exercise.

To sum up, the issues emphasized in the article have proved important to upcoming business entities. However, the mode of analysis has not been verified as to whether the statistics represent ideal situations by the employees.  

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