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Kappa Delta + 1 Hayley Williams, Lauren De Leon, Sam Thopmson, Beth Frazier Andy Miller Marketing September 16, 2010 Reference: Reynolds, j. (2010, September 14). Nestle in review of gold blend ‘couple’ strategy. Retrieved from https://www. marketingmagazine. co. uk/news/1028154/NestlE-review-Gold-Blend-couple-strategy/ Article Summary: The article “Nestle in Review of ‘Gold Blend Couple’ Strategy” reviews the possible future of a past advertisement to see if it will market as well today as in the 1980’s. In the 1980’s, Nestle released a series of commercials featuring a “will they or won’t they couple” who were neighbors. The commercial saga depicts the ongoing relationship between the neighbors and their interactions with each other. The commercial saga was so successful that in the late 1980’s, thirty million viewers tuned into to watch the couple’s first kiss. Now, Nestle is bringing back the commercial hoping to place feel on the advertising of their Gold Blend Coffee. Nestle is now discussing a new way to create the same effect as the original Gold Blend Coffee couple in today’s marketing atmosphere. Article Relatedness: This article relates to information pertaining to companies being aware of their target market’s wants and needs. Nestle is doing research in order to find a fresh way to introduce the same couple, since in the past, the couple provided so much success for the company. Nestle needs to take a good look at their target market of today, while making a new advertisement strategy, since the target market has changed since the late 1980’s. While Nestle reviews the advertisement, they need to be aware of their competitors and the strategies they are using. When the campaign first began, it was easier to reach their target market because there were limited channel options. However, today, they must consider how to reach their target market because of the amount of channels and advertisements from their competitors. Article Usage: This article exemplifies that a company must be fully aware of their target market’s wants and needs or the company will not be successful. Companies must research their target market in depth so the company can meet their expectations. It also shows that a company must evaluate the success of their endeavors, in order to see if they are achieving their objectives.

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