A Question of Internet Privacy

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The internet is used by thousands of people around the world to share ideas, conduct financial transactions, and keep in touch with relatives, friends, and colleagues. However if this biggest network is so helpful in our daily life, it is also low our privacy. No more day goes without someone being a victim of a cybercrime; always with the same backdrop problem our database; all the data stored on our computers. Internet has allow the interconnection of computer and other devices all over the world. This interconnection also is also the interconnection of the huge amount of database around the world. Those information that everyone computer carry. Then, the risk to lose your privacy with internet has become the huge concern of state , companies and individuals.

Then internet privacy has become the huge concern of companies:

IT security has become a real concern for business leaders and IT managers because in recent years the threats have multiplied. The computer tool is an integral part of the functioning of companies, but also of public institutions. We will use it to simplify the tasks of the various collaborators, to save time, but also to store data that is confidential and that should only be handled by the concerned protagonists. However, It is not uncommon, too, in the enterprise, to suffer hacking, which allows to reach many data, to practice espionage, or even to disrupt the entire network of a company, more or less serious .

It has been proven that significant financial losses are related to computer security and data protection problems, every year in business, at least when a good system of protection has not been implemented. For example in 2009, PlayStation Network breach has cost Sony $171 million. Sony suffered a massive breach in its video game online network that led to the theft of names, addresses and possibly credit card data belonging to 77 million user accounts in what is one of the largest-ever Internet security break-ins. Sony learned that user information had been stolen from its PlayStation Network seven days ago, prompting it to shut down the network immediately. But Sony did not tell the public until Tuesday. That hacker obtained people's names, addresses, email address, birth dates, usernames, passwords, logins, security questions and more, Sony said lately on its U.S. PlayStation blog on Tuesday. (Baker Liana P. 12) Next , one of the biggest scandal happened recently in the universe of social network. James Zuckenberg founder of Facebook, reveals to the media that Facebook just carried out its biggest purge from American accounts peddling disinformation. The company had removed 66 accounts , pages and apps linked to the Russian firm related to the Russian government. It is therefore essential for companies to find an effective way to generate good security within its structure, so as to be able to protect their database from all the risks inherent to the use of a computer station, whether on the internet or intranet. Confidential information can be unveiled or even worse, lost forever.

Internet privacy has become the huge concern of individuals

In 2016, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in 2016,issues statistics that shows that 84% of Americans household were already really concerned about the internet security. In fact, it is not a secret to anyone that internet user in the USA have fewer privacy. First, everything became complex after the terrorist attacks of September 11. The National Security Agency greatly expand its surveillance everywhere. Furthermore in April 2016 the Congress voted to allow internet providers to collect and sell their customers ?data.( Liz Mineo P. 2) . Those are also the reason why Americans are so exposed online. All layers of the society are concerned by this issues, even the little ones are not spared.

For example a huge amount of student from elementary to high school use digital devices where they type all their personal information and save in the school database which can be a cloud. In fact school always gather all those personal information that they stored in their databases. A school database carry student's education record generally such as demographic information, race, ethnicity, income level; discipline records, grades and test scores, disabilities and Individual Education Plans (IEPs), mental health and medical history, counseling records and much more. Later, students could not imagine that all those information sometimes end up in the hands of companies which can sell them . In short, everything is done with the complicity of the schools which does not care that much about providing adequate privacy policies.

At least, Parent have to be aware about this leak of information of their children and ask the school to take more precautions in protecting their children's data. Valerie Strauss explains this sprain by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). she said that this act included that medical and counseling records that are included in your child's education records are unprotected by HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act passed by Congress in 1996). Thus, very sensitive mental and physical health information can be shared outside of the school without parent consent. Therefore everyone understands how it becomes unpleasant for any internet user to know that by sharing , sending and storing personal medical data, business communications, and even intimate conversations over this global network , also third person might be sharing your privacy.


Obviously there is a very real concern for a lot of people and companies that their privacy is somehow being abused. But for the Internet to continue to grow and thrive, users must be able to trust that their personal information will be secure and their privacy protected. Therefore, actions must be led by individuals, aimed to protect your internal network. as well as your internet access, so as not to be in a bad position if necessary. E-mails must be filtered properly. Next , companies need to train their staff in order to avoid the bad manipulations that could cost the company. Finally, government need to take action and vote law that will protect person's privacy instead of instead of being exposed as it is today.

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