A Fight against Discrimination

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Based on my current research I have come to learn that the Sexual Discrimination Act of 1984 was modified on August 1 in the year of 2013 to prevent discrimination against any person’s gender, sexual orientation and identity. Even though this act was put in place for people all over who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex; they still experience discrimination, hostility, and harassment in their everyday life. In response to Donald Trump’s new Title IX proposal, he is completely out of line when he says that gender and sexual orientation should be determined at birth based on one’s genitalia and that their classification is unchangeable, and any confusion will be confirmed using genetic test. The purpose of this letter is to argue that Trump’s new Title IX proposal is completely detrimental because one’s gender, sexuality, and identity shouldn’t be strictly regulated and construed based on societal norms.

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“A Fight against Discrimination”

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The knowledge that is taught in today’s society has been constructed by the thoughts and opinions of those who have power and consider themselves knowledgeable. This branches from social constructivism and is parallel to the banking method of education. The teachers act as the people with power in the world and the students represent the society. Trump holds the power right now and as he constantly pours his thoughts about sexual identity into the society, people who lack intelligence learn from him and begin to follow his ignorant beliefs. This is exactly where we go wrong and where our knowledge gets construed. Education as a result, becomes an act of depositing information through the teacher (Trump) who is the depositor, to students (society) who are the depositories. (Freire) The information that trump is giving about gender being unchangeable is influencing his audience to think the same way. Because of this, society will now spread the negative proposition against people being able to change their appearance, genitalia and lifestyle to be more comfortable in the skin that they are in.

Beverly Guy-Sheftall breaks down the difference between sex and gender and how those differences cause altercations between one another. It explains how gender acts as a function of a historical process. As we are growing in the womb society places a label on us when determining whether we will be a boy and a girl. This is seen mostly at Gender reveal parties when the color pink is shown when it’s a girl and the color blue is shown when it’s a boy. This is when young age binary comes into place because when we are born and raised, we are taught to be and act a certain way based on our gender. She also explains that gender as an analytic category is essential in achieving equality between men and women. This will prepare the next generation and make sure that they will have the knowledge to rise above all types of discrimination. But in contrast, Trump’s theory totally debunks this conclusion and as Sheftall states; sexual authorities are a biological given, but gender as a function of historical process. So yes, you are either born male or female but your choice to alter your sex to fit the gender that you connect to the most.

Identity defines your character, personality and place in society. Personal and social experiences that occur over a duration of time in someone’s life are situations that shape their identity. Someone’s perception in regard to another person’s identity is profoundly related to stereotypical ideals. I strongly feel that Trump’s prejudice acts against the LGBTQIA community is completely outrageous and unfair. He hasn’t experienced what people go through when they feel like they are trapped in the wrong body and have to wake up every day and live a false life because they fear what society will think about them. A woman named Janet Mock lives a very comfortable life along with a very successful career, but her secret that she chose to share with the world was that she was actually born a boy.

At 18 years old she traveled all the way to Thailand to undergo a gender reassignment surgery because she couldn’t live another day with a penis in between her legs. Flashing back to when she was about 5 years old a girl next door dared Mock to run around in a nearby parking lot with a muumuu on. He accepted the dare and put the muumuu on and ran as fast as he could around the nearby parking lot. He was caught by his grandmother who scolded him for doing such a thing and then banished him on the patio. On the patio he played quietly with his sumo action figures that he loved because they had long hair and they were the only dolls he was able to play with. (Marie Claire)

From that day forward, he knew that he was different and the actions that took place in the years that followed showed it as well. I tell this story to explain how a person can feel uncomfortable with being labeled under a gender that they don’t feel represents who they are or who they want to be. Trump’s new Title IX proposal can interfere with people being able to freely make changes to their appearance and identity which also prevents other young kids like Janet Mock from being able to express themselves or change their identity without being judged by what society has to say.

Why is it that those who choose to be non-binary are considered to be failures? Is it because they don’t meet the expectation of heteronormativity? The concept of gender binary only is only used to uphold the construct of heteronormativity. For example, the idea that all men love sports and that women don’t is an expectation that is based on this heteronormative construct. These expectations are a result of out hetero-dominated society which dictates the way our life is structured.

Transgenders, Queers, and People of Color are identities that don’t fit inside the demands of heteronormativity. Heteronormativity is a system that works to normalize behaviors and societal expectations that are tied to the presumption of heterosexuality and an adherence to a strict gender binary. (Everyday Feminism) This proposal is a system that will fall under this category. Why try to put restrictions on the things that make us human and free beings? Using structures like, gender binary, patriarchal gender roles, and monogamy to make the world less free and more conformative is doing nothing but taking away the rights designated to us as US citizens.

It is important for us to support the rights of LGBTQIA people because just like us they are human; their thoughts and opinions do matter. We have to stop discrimination against others who don’t follow the societal norms that have been historically taught to us and passed on from generation to generation. I charge you and others like you to open up to the life beyond your knowledge and except what you learn and see. Don’t just sit back and except the ignorant thoughts and opinions of authority but take a look at the lives of others. This can include making an inclusive environment in everyday places for every in society to be free from discrimination. Say no to Trump’s Title IX proposal and make a change to fight against those who discriminate.

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