Discrimination Upon LGBTQ Community

Everyday people witness couples in public getting called disturbing slurs, being harassed, and escorted from businesses. Majority of the LGBTQ community have reported that they have experienced harassment, threats, and violence due to their sexual beliefs. LGBTQ Couples are being discriminated on a daily basis just by doing everyday activities. Several Incidents have shown discrimination in the LGBTQ community including LGBTQ avoiding public businesses because of public accommodation discrimination, being judged because their religion exercise, and being refused of an marriage license.

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“Discrimination Upon LGBTQ Community”

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According to public businesses, LGBTQ avoided them because of public accommodation discrimination. About “47 percent [ of the LGBTQ members] made specific decisions where to shop,” because daily disrespect ( Miller, “ LGBT Bias” ). Miller developed a report to share how discrimination can leave others feeling disrupted. Judgement was so critical that a transgender officer was assisting her three year old daughter to the bathroom and staff members and other customers at the restaurant was whispering and staring at them disturbingly. People made her feel uncomfortable that she avoided places that made her feel that way. She developed a urinary infection because she was getting followed around to see what restroom she was going to use ( Miller, “ LGBT Bias”). Miller scoped out that everyday activities will leave most people at risk from discrimination. Therefore situations common to this LGBTQ people try to avoid everything and everywhere discrimination may occur such as stores, restaurants, doctor offices, and public transportation.

With this issue the federal government aroused religious exemptions opposing coordinated attacks to the public. For example, “Individual government agencies, and businesses [violated laws of justice]” because the power of religious exemptions created licenses to discriminate against the core of Americans (Mushoric, “ Coordinated Attack”). Mushoric thinks people are getting away with optioning out laws to affect the core of human beings. Although federal and state legislation believe that [businesses has the right to] religion objections. They are not exempt from following the law when it comes to firing or hiring employees, and discrimination protection for clients” ( Muschoric, “ Coordinated Attack”). Summarizing Mushoric thoughts, with or without a business or organization individuals shouldn’t be exempt from following laws. However the LGBTQ community is being judged because their religion exercise. “ In the beginning of 2010 [The District of Columbia] ceased the foster care program [for] same sex marriage laws no longer have a permitted placement [for] children” (“Marriage Consequences”). The Greenhaven Press dived into the critique and found that they were prohibited to have a home for foster children. In Michigan, “A graduate student was dismissed from school program after referring a client to another counselor because she/he was [influenced in a homosexual relationship]” (“Marriage Consequences”). The Greenhaven Press made a note that refusing to give assistance at a college can ruin a person placement there. As one can see gay marriage/relationships is not acceptable in their religion so they raise a legal argument.

Simultaneously Stephen Seufert gave a litmus test and discovered discrimination among African Americans, Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals,and Transgenders. “American history has shown ‘religious freedom’ was used to legitimize slavery” (Seufert, “Freedom Discriminate”). However, Seufert shared what the bad aspects of humanity he have witness. “Similar kinds of laws and tactics under the guise of “religious freedom” are now being used by businesses and lawmakers to discriminate against LGBT people” (Seufert, “Freedom Discriminate”). In South Carolina, A Restaurant Owner refused to serve to African Americans on his/her rights in the first amendment to practice his/her own religion beliefs. To illustrate Seufert thoughts on “Can Religious Freedom Be Used to Discriminate?” Seufert found many stories supporting the good and bad aspects of humanity. Seufert believe individuals should decide if new religion laws are form to uplift humanity or breakdown the love for peers. To put it differently individuals and groups discriminating based of perceived threats to their religious freedom due to their lifestyle and beliefs of others.

In the meantime, LGBTQ members were refused marriage licenses all over the United States. An Attorney General in Texas made a statement that the public claimed “[The General gave] permission to refuse to issue a marriage license to same sex couples” (Marusic, “LGBT Licenses”). Marusic found it appealing that a officer in Texas confronted the attorney general on his/her misunderstood statement to the public. The entire United States was “going rogue” when the Supreme Court made equality marriage rule for same sex couples. Marusic supported how the public felt to changes for the LGBTQ people. Therefore the government made a dramatic view of the opposition to homosexuals marriage as a prohibition against discrimination.

Again a marriage license was refused and marriage equality was unrecognized. “[Eriksen, a man who] has a religious objection and has referred the matter to his deputy clerks who has no such objection and will issue [a marriage] license” (“Denied License”). This source is an expert because Eriksen think he handled the situation professionally by referring them to someone else without addressing the issue of not supporting their marriage . “ I don’t care if the clerk is opposed to marriage equality that’s his right but he can’t impose his will onto others in violation of the law” tweeted by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (“Denied License”). On a social media app, Twitter, the governor of New York stood up to the individual who opposed marriage equality. Therefore Wong shared this story to stop the unconscionable act of discrimination publicly.The New York Governor is involved because what Eriksen did wasn’t fair to the couples. The Governor directed a investigation on the issues and made sure the mistake doesn’t happen again. The Governor hosted a gay wedding for the couple that was denied a marriage license by Eriksen on August 18th, 2018.

In the LGBTQ community during daily activities sometimes leave them feeling barbs of bias because discrimination in their community. These pieces were used to persuade the federal government and Supreme Court that it’s unfair to let people disobey the law.The main conflict is LGBTQ wanting to express themselves freely. The LGBTQ people who felt the sting of discrimination see the community differently. Stories were written to inform individuals that discrimination can disrupt daily behavior makes LGBTQ people feel unwelcome. The main subject addressed is that people dealing with discrimination in public because sexual orientation, gender identity. Pastors, Ministers, Counselors, Teachers, Bosses, Parents, Doctors, Nurses ,and Students, Everyone in United States should reconsider the act of discrimination regarding its against your belief system or not.

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