You are Perfect, i Love You, Now Change

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The above titled film was a comedy movie based on music which was written by Joe Dipietro and the music by Jimmy Roberts on August 1996. The comedy received its first award in 1997 as the longest running off-Broadway in the outer critic’s circle award. The movie premiered at the Westside Theater for twelve years before its closure on the 27, had a perfect music style and a right combination of sounds. It was the favorite of many until now most people who watched the comedy wish it could come back again. The leading directors of the comic were Joel Bishop. The crew who cast the comedy featured Melissa Weil, Robert Roznowski, and Jennifer Simard. The comedy was first done in Teaneck, NJ. This was the hometown to the writer of the comedy, Joe Dipietro.

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“You are Perfect, i Love You, Now Change”

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After its production, the series was first featured by the American stage company theatre under the directors, Glenn Cherries who was the then managing director and James Vagius as the artistic director. The theatre was located on the main campus of Fairleigh Dickson University. At this first premiere, the music was from the Churchill Theatre, Bromley in the United Kingdom, London. The premiere was again followed by a short season which was cast at the West End Comedy theatre in 1999 for a period of two months, from July to September. The season was directed by Joel Bishoff, and the cast featured many members of the crew. Some of the crew members included Shona Lindsay, Gillian Kirkpatrick, Clive Carter and Russell Wilcox.

The second premiere ran at the Jermyn Street Theatre in London for six years. The season aired from March 2005 to the end of March. The series was now under the production of Popular Productions Limited. In 2011, the comedy featured at the Bridewell Theatre. Following the cast was the Mandarin which debuted Beijing in June 2007. The comic was performed English inn version in Taipei at the Crown Theatre in the early November 2007. Up to now, the premiere is available in more than 17 languages. The series has shown casted productions in many parts which include Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Milan, Rio De Janeiro, Johannesburg, Dublin, Buenos, Berlin among others. The comedy was also played by the Kookaburra in 2008 at the National Music Theatre which visited the NSW in Australia. The production had an Australian accent as many of the residents were deeply rooted in Australian language. The recent stage of the comedy was in London at the Leicester Square near West End. The comedy featured Gina Beck, Julie Atherton Samuel Holmes, and Simon Lipkin.

The costume design of the comedy was perfect as it could reveal the movie. The love story and loneliness are clearly depicted from the character costumes. The costume design of the characters contributes a lot to the artistic nature of the premiere. The costume design also reveals to the audience the visual world which is compared to the theater. The characters in long red garments were a symbol of love, and it played an enormous role in making one understand the comedy. The costumes used in the comedy depict the historical moments.

Different designs of costumes are used in theatre: modern costumes, historical and dance costumes. The clothing in comedy also predicts the era it was produced as both male and female characters are in long robes which are colorfully made. The clothing was perfect for the events chosen for the comedy.

The language used in the comedy is one of humor. The comedy is about love and the use of burgeoning romance in humorous terms makes the audience focus more on the comedy. The language makes the audience want to know more and keeps the audience in suspense of the events. The use of comedy language portrays characters who are ridiculous. The sound used also depicts the situation in the movie. The use of low tone can depict sorrow and loneliness of the birds who lone for love. The comedy also uses sounds which depict love situations and moments which arouse the viewer discretion. The main aim of the sound is a connection between the characters and the movie. Sound and music played also reduce boredom in the comedy.

It is also essential to know the role of music in the comedy. The music played also depicts the era and the experiences of the characters. Smooth music help recoup the light moments of the comedy. The playback music also helps the audience to retaliate the actions of the movie. Music usually soothes audience; it is used to steal away the sad moments of the audience and put back joy, in this way it will connect the audience with the show. The love music also in the comedy shows or predicts the comeback of the characters in the show. The result is achieved after the music play.

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