The Best Love Story of all Times

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The story Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the few novels which perfectly fits the best love story of all time description. Fitzgerald’s writing, which is almost similar to a work of poetry, with literary brilliant waves developing a rich and lush rhythm, provides jarringly, but splendidly beautiful and emotion-arousing descriptions. The story perfectly captures reality by including very flawed and difficult to sympathize with characters, which is the beauty of the book.

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“The Best Love Story of all Times”

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Although the story offers a reflection of the hollowness of a leisure life, the story involves a remarkable obsession to control time to forge a beautiful future by reinstating the past. Therefore, with an emotion-arousing description of realistic characters and an unwavering desire to establish love, the Great Gatsby provides one of the most intriguing love story reading experience. Set in the 1920s in America, the book is narrated by Nick Carraway, who immediately after taking part in the war intends to venture into bond selling. Carraway relocates to East Egg, which is not as grand as grand compared to the West Egg area. F. Scott Fitzgerald settles right opposite the mansion owned by a mega-rich Gatsby, who throws impressive weekend parties attended by the entire town (Fitzgerald 2).

Nevertheless, the host never attends the parties and is barely known to the people. The rich man holds a secret regarding his source of wealth and greatness, which many regard as lust, but is real love. The importance and beauty of love is expressed in its humongous value and relentless efforts by Gatsby to find it, which is actually common in humanity. Efforts to please Daisy, the long-held love of life lead Gatsy to gather wealth to be able to please Daisy, the love of his life, hence revealing the value of the relationship to the rich man. Gatsby burning desire to restore the past to experience love triggers his popular line: ‘Can’t change the past Why, of course you can (Short and Leech 1).’ These words are a true reflection of the widely held believe in real life that one should stop at nothing in the bid to express life.

Therefore, by the daring objective to defy time to express as well as enjoy love is an aspect of real love, hence not lust as regarded by most of the readers. Further to emphasize the value love, Fitzgerald provides the desperate description with which Gatsy and other characters pursue it, but as well includes playful characters to make the story realistic. For instance, Gatsy, cannot derive adequate satisfaction from Daisy’s assurance that she loved him, but he has to force her to declare that she has never loved her husband Tom during their five years of marriage. Increased aggressiveness from both Tom and Gatsby triggers the rejection by Daisy. While Gatsy represents true love, Daisy, who in the statement: ‘ I did love him once– but I loved you too,’ tries to suggest that she loved both Tom and Gatsby at the same time is a symbol of dishonest as it exists in actual life.

Moreover, in reality, the common occurrence is that people are loved by those they do not love while those they love never expresses adequate intimate feelings towards them. The carelessness of the rich people in the book is as well used to emphasize reality. For instance the statement: “They smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money and vast carelessness (Short and Leech 3).” clearly shows the character of Tom and Daisy in the book, which is similar to that of rich people in real life.

Therefore, the Great Gatsby is a perfect replica of love in reality. An emotion arousing experience and realistic experience expressed in the Great Gatsby makes the book a perfect love story. Although the novel has a tragic ending, it provides a realistic rather than an exaggerated love story, by providing an actual description of characters.

In a similar manner in life, the rich people have not so good behaviors but they are able to get away with it. On the other hand, the not so rich people in the society do not achieve their objectives in the novel. Although the intention of the writer is not to discourage the poor, it is a common occurrence in the society that the poor mostly fail to achieve their objectives compared to the rich. Therefore, the pragmatic story combined with brilliantly described experiences, make the Great Gatsby one of the most exemplary love novels of all time.

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