My Perfect Thanksgiving Day

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Well it’s thanksgiving morning and i still don’t know what i’m going to cook i turn over and tell my boyfriend we have our family flying in from columbia and i want to make sure this thanksgiving is perfect. By any means , luckily jake (the boyfriend) didn’t give me a budget. I took a shower im getting dressed and he had the audacity to tell me to hurry up pshhh like he’s the one doing all the decorating and cooking all he’s doing is getting dressed and stuffing his face with of course a IPA in his hand. I have to make a couple trips this morning i have to go to ross to get decorations for my table and around the house and i want to dress up my baby pitbull Izzy as a turkey , she’s going to hate it but everyone’s going to love it. The laughter of the night.

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“My Perfect Thanksgiving Day”

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I picked up some table cloths with little turkeys on them and some fall leafs , some fall color napkins and of course utensils. My next trip is the market i would have to go somewhere with a lot of deals because im making a big feast so food for less is definitely the place to go. I am going to be making pastas with salads and some brownies and ice cream. Keep in mind im making EVERYTHING from scratch. The pastas i’m making are pesto, alfredo, and some cuisine. The salads caesar , homestyle , and avocado.

I started making the pastas first because it’s the main dish , i know it’s thanksgiving and i should be making turkey or ham but i wanted to do something unique. Izzy i screamed What are you doing as i walked into the kitchen i see her little belly all in my sauce and face all full of red paste. She just wiggled her little tale , keep in mind we have 3 more hours to get everything ready before my family gets here so for now i put her in my room in her little bed. I begin working on the salads but my favorite cousin Briana is allergic to cheese so i make a separate salad because i put cheese in the caesar salad. Now the salads are complete on to the brownies.

Everything seems in place and ready , tables are all set up and Izzy is all dressed up. Now time to get myself all gussied up i bought this cute dress from ross with these beautiful wedges to go with them. As im taking a shower im waiting for Jake to get home i sent him out to get the ice cream i told him to get chocolate and vanilla bean specifically but do you think he listened noooooo. So i’m doing my makeup only half an hour before they arrive and he gets home with cookie dough and vanilla not vanilla bean. But i let it go , people who are attending is my grandma, sister , uncle , grandpa , cousins and my mom and dad and my boyfriends family. They get here and we start to enjoy the meal/food i prepared and they all love it.

We finish eating and forgot all about izzy she was still in the room with her little outfit on , so i go grab her while everyone is starving themselves ice cream and once everyone sees her they all start laughing i think my cousin brianna snuck her some a spoon full of ice cream. But geez it’s thanksgiving i would be a horrible mom if i were to take it away. This thanksgiving was definitely one we all would never forget.

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