World’s most Talented and Inspirational Pop Artist

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Michael Jackson was the world’s most talented and inspirational Pop artist. He changed the way we listened to music and was the first to make a short film along with his music “Thriller.” He was born on August 29, 1958 in Gary Indiana. He was the child of Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson and the eighth of ten children. In many ways, Jackson was not like any other five year old child since he worked and went on tours instead of playing and having fun. He also did not attend public school because he was a child star and was in the spotlight at a very young age. He was homeschooled but still very smart and skilled. From the age of five he was performing and making music with his brothers Jermaine, Tito, Randy and Marlon Jackson. They were the band known as “The Jackson 5”a group of American children who brought happiness and amazing music to the world. They performed at many different events. Some of the many songs they sang were “I want you back”, “I’ll be there” “Never can say Goodbye” “The love you save” and “ABC.”They also played instruments such as the lead guitar, bass guitar, conga and the tambourine but their most important and effective instrument was their voices.

Jackson had been in the spotlight for many years working alongside his family. During the early 70’s a cartoon series of The Jackson 5 was made it was known as ‘The Jacksons.” A few years later the family aired a tv show called “The “Jackson’s” which included not only the Jackson brothers but Janet Jackson. Which unfortunately only aired for one season.

At the age of fourteen he created and released his first solo album sparking more attention and bringing happiness to everyone across the globe. Leaving the band a few years later at the age of 13 more opportunities opened up. He began making music by himself such as the album “Off The Wall” and played a part as the scarecrow in a short film known as“The Wiz.” His decision to leave the band made him receive a lot of attention from the media during the 1970’s and many more ways to further his career since more people wanted to become his music producer and help him make music. Years later, in 1991 he signed a major record deal with “SONY.” He also released the album “ Dangerous.”

After working and performing as a famous child prodigy Michael Jackson earned his title the “King Of Pop.” He performed and toured in many different countries in many different events for decades spreading the message of love and peace. For example a few of the many songs he sang that spreads the messages about peace and love were “Heal The World” and “Earth Song.” He also had a unique style jheri curls, sparkly gloves and nice clothing a type of style that was very flashy and extravagant.Which caused many people around the world to dress like him.

Jackson was also known for his famous dance moves which have stunned the public leaving them surprised, amused and not believing what they saw. He was the first to moonwalk across the stage while performing “Billie Jean” at a concert. Which was one of his top hits. Some of his other amazing dance moves were the toe stand, the robot, the iconic MJ kick, the MJ spin, the crotch grab, the side slide and the spectacular anti- gravity lean which he created. People could not get enough of him his unique sense of style, his dance moves and his inspirational ways. They also started mimicking his dance moves, including celebrities like Usher.

Some of Jackson’s many talents were the extraordinary ability to beatbox, play multiple instruments such as the guitar, drums and piano. He also had an amazing ability to dance and perform for hours and remain energetic. Also, he had the ability to make every performance very enjoyable and memorable, leaving the audience in great spirits and making a difference in many lives while trying to spread love and peace.

Michael Jackson briefly dated someone he met during his childhood, named Lisa Marie Presley soon after, they got married. Unfortunately the marriage did not last long. So he re married a woman named Deborah Rowe. Since Jackson loved children a lot he wanted children of his own. During his second marriage he had two children named Prince Michael II and Paris Jackson. Years later, after they separated Jackson had his third child Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. also known as “Blanket.”Who was born on February 21, 2002. The name Blanket was a nickname and was given to him because its a phrase meaning warmth, affection, and love.

Michael Jackson not only introduced us to talent we’ve never seen before, he also showed us to a breathtaking never before seen ranch known as Neverland his home. He lived there from 1988 to 2006. It was located in Santa Barbara County in California. This house was huge 4.37 square miles. With beautiful scenery such as trees,lakes, pools, movie theaters,animals, rides and an amazing amusement park which he allowed children to play and enjoy themselves. He invited many ill children to his home so that they can feel like a normal child instead of being in the hospital with nothing fun to do. The reason for such an extravagant home was because as a child Jackson did not get to enjoy all the perks of childhood. He did not get to play at amusement parks, go on rides or play games. So he decided to recreate his childhood so he can do some of the child like things he did not have the chance to do. In 2006 he moved from his home “Neverland” because he felt like it was not a safe space for him anymore. Jackson relocated to Holmby Hills in Los Angeles California.

Since Michael Jackson was a famous star he had many shows to perform at in many different countries. He toured in many different places around the world with different time zones.Which made him lose sleep and become very sleep deprived. Also, because of some stressful factors in his life such as wanting to make his comeback better than all his other performances and allegations against him in the past that he affected him negatively. Which resulted in him taking drugs to sleep and that later resulted in his death. Since Jackson could not sleep on his own because of all the tours and preparations for his comeback along with him being stressed he began taking sedatives such as proprofal,midazolam,lorazepam,ephedrine, lidocaine and diazepam.On June 25, 2009 it was reported that Michael Jackson was dead from a drug overdose at the age of 50. He died at his home in Los Angeles. He was pronounced dead at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

As the news became public that the famous King Of Pop was dead many people around the world was affected. Fans and supporters were in disbelief and distraught. His death affected millions. Many were saddened by this news and in minutes they’re were helicopters, news reporters and dozens of fans outside of the hospital he was in.

From the age of five Jackson was performing on stages and at major events bringing joy and happiness into the lives of many across the globe. He tried spreading love, peace and change to the world. He donated money to hospitals and children in need of treatment. He brought smiles to the faces of many ill children by allowing them to enjoy themselves at his home. Lastly, when he was not touring he was visiting many sick children suffering from many different diseases such as cancer and were in need of help. A decade after his death Michael Jackson is bringing happiness love and joy to many around the globe. He made a permanent mark in the world and in the history of pop music.

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