Leonardo Da Vinci was a very Good Artist

Leonardo Da Vinci was a very good artist, here are some facts about him. First, Leonardo Da Vinci liked to write in reverse so you could only read it if you held it up to a mirror. Second, he made Mona Lisa but never finished it.

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Third, he would not only study art but he would study science and he would dissect both animals and humans. Fourth, Leonardo Da Vinci’s biggest project, The Last Supper, was actually destroyed when french forces invaded Milan in 1499 and they shot the sculpture. Finally, he was an animal rights activist and he would write of his respect and sometimes he bought caged birds to set them free. Now you know some facts about Leonardo Da Vinci and now I will tell you some things about his life.

Leonardo was born on April 15th, 1452 in Anchiano, Italy close to Vinci. Leonardo was a painter, inventor, and architect. He was taught in his own home by his father when he was a kid. No one really knows much about his childhood sadly. Now that you know some more things about Leonardo Da Vinci let’s talk about his adult life.

Between 1482 to 1499 Leonardo was in The Duke of Milan and was named in a list of the staff as the “Painter and Engineer of the Duke.” While he was in The Duke of Milan he had made six paintings. Leonardo went to college at “Accademia Di Belle Arti Di Firenze.” That stands for “Florence Academy of Fine Arts.” Those are some facts on Leonardo Da Vinci that I found interesting on his adult life. Now I will talk to you about what he is known for and his contributions to society.

Leonardo made contributions to science. He created wonderful inventions that were far from things in there time which amazed people. He made the parachute and a giant crossbow as well. He is mostly known for his amazing artwork. He is well known for his most famous artwork The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. All in all I think Leonardo Da Vinci was a very good artist and created amazing things.
Leonardo was an amazing artist and a great scientist. Even though no one really knows much about his childhood the things I learned were cool and interesting. I found it cool that Leonardo was actually in The Duke of Milan as the painter and engineer. I think he is an amazing artist and has the best art like Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. All in all I think Leonardo Da Vinci was a very good artist and I loved learning interesting facts about him, his life, and his art!

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