Why Bombs should have been Used on Japan?

Should the United States have used the Atomic Bomb on Japan? Well there are many ways to argue the case for and against the USA’s deployment of atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In my opinion Yes the United States should have dropped the Atomic Bomb but for one thing Hiroshima was chosen because it had not been targeted during the US Air Force’s conventional bombing raids on Japan, and was, therefore, regarded as a suitable place to test the effects of an atomic bomb. It was also an important military base.


There are many reasons why America would have chosen to drop the bomb and the majority can be seen as fair. At the point Japan was in a terrified position and at the same time  America had completed creating the Atomic Bomb; however, Japan refused to accept the offer. Yes we should have  dropped it because they had plenty of opportunities to surrender, and they didn’t. We told them if they didn’t surrender, there would be up against mass destruction put upon them. They chose to ignore it and brush it off. If we had invaded, then probably one fourth of Japan’s population would have been killed.


 Yes, it was terrible that so many people died, but in the end  it was what the U.S. thought was necessary. One thing I don’t accept that the atomic bomb did is a kill a lot of children who did not deserve to die. The simple reason for using the nuclear weapon was to keep American Soldiers lives from invading Japan on earth. Japan had a very strong force and some were terrified there could be some U.S. caulsilities.  But there were some people who thought that this nuclear weapons should not have been applied.


Another reason why I believe that the atomic bomb should have been dropped was because America thought that Japan wanted world domination to save American lives. On August 6, 1945 the U.S. dropped the first bomb over Hiroshima, over 80,000 died instantly, 35,000 injured and 90,000 building were destroyed to pieces. The US claimed that they did it to save lives, a claim which found out that as well as this there also was money, technology, politics, science, communism, power, experimentation, military reasons and most importantly in my opinion, their burning desire for revenge.


Yes the atomic should have been used on Japan. Truman wanted to prevent any spreading of communism from Stalin and stop him from expanding into Asia. However, I think that the main reason was to save the lives of Americans. If I had the say so of the atomic bomb I would have made sure it didn’t kill people that were innocent.

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