Why did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?

What was the attack on Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was a Bombing on the the naval base in hawaii by Japan which led to the entrance of the us in WW11.

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“Why did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor?”

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Japan planned this for 20 years. They had planned to attack Pearl Harbor for 2 decades. It was one of the largest naval bases in US history. If they bombed it they thought they would have all the power and we would just live in a depression. They were wrong. Instead We entered the war.

Japan did the bombing. They planned it for 20 years then on December 1, 1941 they bombed pearl harbor. Japan wanted power, they had different aims where they were going to blow stuff up. Like they were going to bomb South East Asia.

It happened to the U.S. It happened December 7 1941. I don’t know why it happened. A lot of people don’t. But what i can tell you it was terrible. First japan came in with planes and started bombing the ships of pearl harbor. Then the ships started to sink and got oil in the water. When the ship got mostly underwater the oil caught on fire and people in the water started to burn.

I think it happened to pearl harbor because it was one if not the biggest naval yards in the us at that time. If they wiped out the ships there they knew the us would be weakened and probably wouldn’t do anything about it. They probably thought nothing would happen and the us would just be sad or whatever. But that’s not what happened. We attacked and entered the war.

After the bombing of pearl harbor, the us entered the war. There was a declaration that FDR signed. It was a declaration of war on Japan. FDR said it was a day of infamy and we must move on. So we entered into WW11. Britain, France, USSR, Australia, Belgium, Brazil,Canada, China, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, South Africa, Yugoslavia were all allies for us. That is a lot of countries.

The U.S affected the victory because they had a lot of allies. That is a big part to play in it. Also most of the allies were big. Had a bunch of big armies. But the us was another country the axis powers had to deal with plus the us had a bunch of troops that went over.

Just before the US entered WW11, we had a bombing of our own. Hiroshima Nagasaki were the two cities that we bombed. We dropped 2 atomic bombs. Atomic bombs are 5 times worse than the bombs Japan bombed us with. It was really bad.

I just say don’t have any war. Have peace on earth. War is not a good thing and people who like war probably should experience it. THis is pearl harbor just in a nutshell. I can’t even imagine what people have gone through with that. Most of the people that come back from that have PTSD. Most people don’t have to experience that and that is very sad. But i appreciate everyone that has served.

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